Fortnite v25.10 Update: New Boss, Weapons, Reality Augments & Rank Changes

This guide shares all the details about the Fortnite v25.10 update, including the new boss, weapons, reality augments, rank changes, competitive notes, and more.

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We'll go over all the details you need to know about the Fortnite v25.10 update. | © Epic Games

Chapter 4 Season 3 has been a blast so far in Fortnite as we've been graced with new skins, competitive changes, weapons, and more.

To keep the momentum going, Epic has released a new patch in the game - the v25.10 update - which introduces various new items and changes to Fortnite. Upgrade your loadout with the new Cloak Gauntlets, take on the new Wildguard Relik boss, or maybe sport a new outfit with the novel Super Level Styles - the choice is yours.

We've got an overview of everything that came in the Fortnite v25.10 update.

Fortnite v25.10 Update - Cloak Gauntlets

Cloak Gauntlets
Enter stealth mode with the Cloak Gauntlets. | © Epic Games

Cloak Gauntlets are a new item in Fortnite. Made with reflective Kinetice Ore, it allows you to camouflage with your surroundings for a limited time before a cooldown kicks in. Fortunately, it has unlimited charges, but unfortunately, you will not be able to attack while using it.

You can get the Cloak Gauntlets from the ground and Chests.

Fortnite v25.10 Update - Wildguard Relik Boss

Wildguard Relik MK Alpha Assault Rifle
Wildguard Relik has emerged from the forest as Fortnite's newest boss. | © Epic Games

Fortnite's latest boss, Wildguard Relik, can be found in Rumble Ruins (northeast of Shattered Slabs).

Defeat him and you will be able to earn Wildguard Relik's Cloak Gauntlets and MK-Alpha Assault Rifle.

The Mythic version of the Cloak Gauntlets will allow you to camouflage yourself in reflective Kinetic Ore longer and grant the item a shorter cooldown. The Mythic MK-Alpha Assault Rifle will deal more damage.

Fortnite v25.10 Update - Unvaulted Weapons

Flare Gun Fortnite
The Flare Gun has been unvaulted in the v25.10 update. | © Epic Games

Two weapons have been unvaulted: The Flare Gun and Shockwave Grenades.

Flare Guns can be found on the ground and in Chests. Shocwave Grenades have only been unvaulted in Zero Build and can be found on the ground and in Chests

Fortnite v25.10 Update - New Reality Augments

Mud Warrior
Mud Warrior is one of the two new Reality Augments in the game. | © Epic Games

Two new Reality Augments were added:

  • Mud Warrior: While in mud or covered in it, you will regenerate health and shield.
  • SMG Extended Mag: Your SMG's will have an increased magazine size.

Besides this, Tracker's Armory has been unvaulted. It can be activated to instantly get a Flare Gun and Shadow Tracker.

Fortnite v25.10 Update - Chapter 4 Season 3 Super Level Styles

Fortnite C4 S3 Super Level Styles
Upgrade your appearance with the new Super Level Style outfits. | © Epic Games

Bonus Super Level Styles will be available for players who have progressed past Level 100 in the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 Battle Pass.

With the arrival of the v25.10 update, new Super Level Styles have been added as rewards. It includes Wildscorch, Confetti Claw, and Regal Hunter Styles for the Mariposa, Rian, Lorenzo, Relik, and Trace outfits.

  • If you're looking for new outfits for collection, we recommend getting the frosty Fortnite Minty Legends Pack that comes with a specially designed outfit, pickaxe, V-bucks, and other rewards.

Fortnite v25.10 Update - Rank Reset And Competitive Notes

Fortnitev25 10 Competitive
Take note of these competitive and rank changes in Fortnite. | © Epic Games

The v25.10 update has reset every player's ranks in Battle Royale and Zero build as part of Ranked Season Zero. This is preparation for the release of Chapter 4 Season 4 Ranked. However, Ranked Urgent Quest completion in Season Zero has not be reset.

In other news, the rank requirements to be eligible for Epic-hosted tournaments have been released

TournamentRank Requirement
FNCS Community CupBronze I in Ranked Battle Royale
Duos Fill CupSilver I in Ranked Battle Royale
Zero Build Duos Fill CupSilver I in Ranked Zero Build
Solo Victory Cash CupGold I in Ranked Battle Royale
Zero Build Duos Victory Cash CupGold I in Ranked Zero Build
Duos Cash CupGold I in Ranked Battle Royale
Console Champions CupPlatinum I in Ranked Battle Royale
FNCS Major 3Platinum I in Ranked Battle Royale

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