Fortnite x Breaking Bad | Will A Crossover Event Happen?

The Fortnite x Breaking Bad collaboration has sparked new rumors on the internet, but could we see characters like Walter, Jesse, and more in Fortnite?

Fortnite Breaking Bad
Fortnite could be collaborating with Breaking Bad in the future. | © hxzsh via Twitter

Breaking Bad is a series that - depending on who you ask - is one of the best series to ever grace the TV screen. To this day, there's a dedicated community that consistently sings its praises and hope to see it more in pop culture events.

As you might have expected (as you're reading this article), a large portion of fans have been wondering if Breaking Bad would ever come to Fortnite. This blockbuster shooter has collaborated with other popular titles such as Destiny 2, Godzilla, and more, so having Walter White land on the map wouldn't be a far cry.

So, what are the chances of this massive crossover event ever happening? We'll give you the answers you've been looking for.

Is Breaking Bad Coming To Fortnite?

Breaking Bad Fortnite
Mike and other characters from the Breaking Bad universe could be making their way to Fortnite. | © hxzsh via Twitter

Across the internet, countless Fortnite fans have created an abundance of Breaking Bad skin concepts, and a remarkable number of them appear astonishingly authentic:

In a previous Fortnite skin poll conducted by Epic Games, they included Walter White as a potential upcoming skin. This seemingly indicates their consideration for a Breaking Bad collaboration. These surveys are held every few months, and as time has passed, some skins that were initially listed have already made their way into the game.

Fortnite has previously engaged in similar crossovers with AMC series, such as featuring characters like Rick Grimes, Daryl, and Michonne from The Walking Dead. This collaboration demonstrates Epic Games' ongoing partnership with AMC, which houses the Breaking Bad universe.

However, it does not provide definitive confirmation of a Breaking Bad crossover. Nonetheless, the possibility of cooperation between the two cannot be dismissed. Fans will need to continue hoping and participating in the voting process when Epic Games releases the next Breaking Bad character skin poll.


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