Mobile Games Like CSGO: The Best Tactical Shooters For Android/iOS (2023)

The best tactical shooter on Android and iOS? We explore the options in 2023.

Tactical shooter on mobile the best 2023
Rainbow Six Mobile is just one of a growing number of tactical shooters coming to mobile. | © Ubisoft

Very few games can match the continued success of Valve's Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and the series, which, as a whole, has been going strong for 22 years. The most successful multiplayer game of all time? Maybe. Close to perfection in execution? Definitely.

However, Counter-Strike's strength is also its weakness. Nothing much changes in CS:GO, at least not outwardly, and that lack of active development has meant any sequel to CS:GO - if it exists - is years off, and that's before you even consider a mobile port. And it's worth mentioning that, with Valve's Steam Deck, the company is betting on the line between mobile and desktop gaming vanishing altogether.

best tactical shooters 2022
Valve's Steam Deck is blurring the line between mobile and desktop gaming. | © Valve

So, as Valve slowly turns into the G.R.R. Martin of video games, the chances of a true mobile version of CS:GO are close to nil. But that doesn't mean tactical shooter fans are without options on mobile, with a number of titles springing up recently that prove the genre has a big future on Android and iOS.

And it is not just smaller developers getting in, CS:GO has got fierce competition on PC, and those titles are beginning to pop up on mobile, with Ubisoft's Rainbow Six Mobile and Riot Games' Valorant Mobile already in alpha testing.

So, if you are looking for the best tactical shooter on mobile, you have landed just where you need to be as we break down the best the genre has to offer.

Best Mobile Tactical Shooters (2023)

Tactical shooters with the tight gunplay and considered movement of CS:GO are relatively new, with previous team-based FPS games being a bit more run-and-gun like Call of Duty.

But in the past several months, a number of games have been released that bring the experience seen in CS:GO and Valorant and brought it to mobile. Some are only in their testing phases, but having said that, 2023 still looks like the year that tactical shooters make themselves at home on mobile platforms.

Hyper Front

You may remember the leaked footage of a Chinese development called 'Project M' that caused quite a stir when it seeped out in the summer of 2021. At the time, the game was branded a Valorant clone. Now called Hyper Front, the game is a Valorant clone, but a pretty good one at that.

best tactical shooter mobile hyper front
Hyper Front looks at Valorant and says, "I'd like a piece of that." | © NetEase

That CS:GO is gunplay has been recreated almost 1:1, though the use of a minor aim assist takes off some of the gloss, while Hyper Front's mashing up of Valorant's agents has its own weird charm.

Then all you are left with is the game mode, economy system, and maps which tick all the obvious boxes. Before long, the obvious IP theft is at the back of your mind, and you are just enjoying a tactical FPS on mobile.

And with a ranked mode, weapon skins (largely paid for), and plenty of other, more casual game modes, there is plenty to do, making Hyper Front the perfect game to sharpen your skills before Valorant Mobile comes out.

The game got its global release in 2022 and is now available on Android and iOS.

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Rainbow Six Mobile

Currently running limited-time betas in North America, Rainbow Six Mobile looks to bring Siege's team-based, gadget-heavy gameplay to mobile. A standalone title, Rainbow Six Mobile already looks promising, with a lot of time going into developing the most intuitive controls for a tactical FPS on mobile.

best tac shooter mobile rainbow six siege
Rainbow Six Mobile is bringing the gameplay of Siege to mobile devices. | © Ubisoft

There will be a lot to contend with too. Like Siege, players can abseil down buildings, lean, prone, and use plenty of unique gadgets and barricades, all in the service of attacking or defending the bomb site.

Many of Siege's most iconic maps are making their way to the game, and players can expect a ranked mode, clans, and plenty of events to keep things interesting.

It promises to be a deep and tactical experience, and you can guarantee the esports scene will already be moving by the time this game gets its global release.

The game will be available on Android and iOS, with two closed betas already taking place in 2022; a global release in 2023 looks likely.

Of course, it isn't the only Tom Clancy game coming to mobile, with The Division Resurgence also making its way to the small screen with closed alpha tests already underway.

Project RushB

A less well-known title but one which has also just entered early access, and those following its development have plenty to get excited about.

The game takes its cues from CS:GO but adds some slightly buttoned-up hero elements that allow for greater tactical flexibility.

The developers promise no aim assist, which is music to the ear of every tactical shooter purist, and seem to have an understanding of how important map design is to the long-term success of the game, with some truly beautiful maps that look like considered riffs of CS:GO favorites.

It remains to be seen if the game will truly find its audience, but with CS:GO Mobile looking unlikely and Valorant Mobile a while off, it has every chance of doing so, considering the design philosophy the developers have set out.

Project RushB will be available on both Android and iOS.

Valorant Mobile

Riot Games' Valorant has shaken up the tactical shooter market, and it is looking to stake a front seat in mobile gaming too. Riot has already taken their mobile and brought it to mobile with League of Legends: Wild Rift, a title that many consider better than its big brother, but can Valorant Mobile do the same?

It has a lot to live up to, and expectations will be high, but you rather suspect that is how Riot Games like it, and few would bet against them managing to bring the Valorant DNA to mobile in an intuitive way.

Best tactical shooters mobile 2022
Valorant Mobile will open up Riot Games' tactical shooter to millions of more gamers. | © MobileMatters

Post-launch support will be extensive too, with new agents, battle passes, and maps, and undoubtedly an esports scene supported by Riot Games themselves.

The game is currently in and out of alpha testing in China, and it is unlikely many other regions will get to play it this side of the year, but it is coming, and you can bet it will be massive.

Rumors suggest that Valorant Mobile will release globally in 2023.

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