Is Blue Protocol Coming To Mobile?

This guide answers the question of whether Blue Protocol is coming to the mobile platform while talking about a few other related things.

Blue Protocol
Here's everything you need to know about Blue Protocol's arrival on the mobile platform. | © Bandai Namco

Blue Protocol is a free-to-play online action roleplaying game that features anime-style visuals, a dynamic combat system, fully customizable characters, events, bosses, and much more, all falling in line with the epic storyline where you can become the hero you always wanted to be.

While the game is still unavailable in Europe, the US, and most of the world, Bandai Namco released Blue Protocol in Japan on June 14, 2023, with the rest of the world publishing handled by Amazon Games.

With the evergrowing hype for the game, many in the mobile gaming community were wondering whether Blue Protocol would get a mobile release similar to games like Tower of Fantasy, Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail, and others.

So keep reading our guide as we talk about the platforms on which Blue Protocol is releasing while answering whether it is getting a mobile release.

Is Blue Protocol Coming To Android Or iOS Platforms?

Blue Protocol 2
Blue Protocol is not getting a mobile release. | © Bandai Namco

No, Blue Protocol is not coming to the mobile platform. As per the game's official FAQ page, Blue Protocol has been released (in Japan) and will release (RoW) on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms.

While there is a Blue Protocol listing on Tap Tap with a pre-register button, you must know it is just a placeholder and not official.

When writing this guide, neither Amazon Games, Bandai Namco, nor Project Sky Blue shared any official details regarding Blue Protocol's arrival on the mobile platform.

Note: Since most major publishers and game studios are trying to hop into mobile gaming by porting their games on the mobile platform or creating brand new ones, it will come as no surprise if Blue Protocol gets ported to Android and iOS platforms, similar to games like BDO, Blade and Soul and others. If that happens, we will update this section.

Can You Play Blue Protocol On Mobile?

Blue Protocol 3
You may be able to play Blue Protocol on mobile via cloud gaming. | © Bandai Namco

With Xbox Game Pass's cloud gaming service and similar options, Blue Protocol may become playable via cloud gaming when it releases on the mobile platform.

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