Boom Beach Frontlines: Release Date, Pre-Registration, Gameplay, More

Boom Beach Frontlines is a huge new game set in the same universe as Supercell's Boom Beach universe. Let's take a look at everything we know so far!

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Boom Beach Frontlines is a new game set in the Boom Beach universe! | © Space Ape Games

Boom Beach: Frontlines is an upcoming free-to-play mobile game that will be released soon! It will expand on popular 5v5 team shooter games like Valorant and Call of Duty Mobile with new 9v9 battles! Engage in competitive team strategy as well as a variety of troops and maps to win your battles. The developers, Space Ape Games, are building Boom Beach: Frontlines as an off-shoot game of Supercell's MMO strategy game, Boom Beach.

Check out the game's announcement trailer below:

There is a ton of details to go through, so let's unpack them all! We'll cover the release date, how you can pre-register, and the gameplay you can expect in Boom Beach: Frontlines.

Boom Beach: Frontlines Release Date

Boom Beach: Frontlines is set for a soft release on August 3, 2022. Only twenty countries will be included in the soft release. These are Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czech, Denmark, Finland, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Singapore, Sweden, Thailand, Türkiye, and the United Arab Emirates.

However, if you're not residing in any of the aforementioned countries, you can still sign up for a chance to join the early access by completing this form.

How To Pre-Register

Pre-registration has been open for everyone residing in any one of the initial twenty countries chosen for the soft release, being available since July 25, 2022. Over one million people have already pre-registered for the game only after two days. You can join the party too by pre-registering for Boom Beach: Frontlines through their official site.

Alternatively, you can pre-register through the dedicated Android and iOS device links.

Boom Beach Rewards
You can get two amazing rewards when you pre-register for Boom Beach Frontlines! | © Space Ape Games

Pre-registering for Boom Beach: Frontlines will grant you amazing rewards. These are:

  • Free Premium Beach Pass (players pre-registering for iOS devices will need to collect their Beach Pass from the in-game Store).
  • Beach Pass will also feature the Laser Ranger - an exclusive Epic troop.

Additionally, if you were one of the lucky few who were able to download Boom Beach: Frontlines before August 2022, you will receive a free Premium Beach Pass that you can collect from the in-game Store between August 1-8.

Boom Beach: Frontlines Gameplay

Better Gameplay Boom Beach
Here's what gameplay you can expect in Boom Beach: Frontlines! | © Space Ape Games

Boom Beach: Frontlines is a fast-paced 9v9 team shooter with a focus on tactics, troops, team play, and vehicles. Team battles are the name of the game, where the right strategy will determine if you win and if you climb or fall down the global leaderboard rankings.

You can level up the HQ to unlock new troops and expand your loadout. As you progress through the game, you'll gain access to better troops, larger towers, and devastating heavy vehicles like the Tank Hunter.

Like every game, a special game pass, known in Boom Beach: Frontlines as a Beach Pass, will be implemented. Players can purchase this to earn additional chests, gems, coins, and new units. The content of the Beach Pass will be updated every season.

Updates are set to be regularly scheduled to introduce new units, map rotations, and gameplay updates to ensure a balanced and enjoyable gaming experience.

Follow Boom Beach: Frontlines on their Discord, Twitter, and YouTube for the latest updates about the game.

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