CarX Street: Android Global Release Will 'Happen Very Soon'

The team behind CarX Street says the game's Android global release is nearing the finish line.

Car X Street banner
CarX Street is inching towards its global release. | © CarX Technologies

CarX Technologies, the Russian developers behind the successful CarX racing franchise, has announced that the latest installment in the series, CarX Street, will get its global release on Android devices "very soon".

In a Twitter thread on Friday (January 27), the devs provided an update on some of the outstanding issues facing the game before launch, including the progress they have made on the Android build of the game, which had run into problems at the end of last year.

"We continue to work on the Android version and are happy to inform you, that we've achieved significant results with solving issues found during open beta, (sic)" wrote the devs. "Global release of Android version is going to happen very soon."

They also took the opportunity to reveal a new 'steering wheel' control scheme that was set to be added to the game, alongside "AI improvements, overall optimization improvements" and a fix to the issue of the game crashing when launched on an iPhone 7/8.

The game, originally set for release in December 2022, has seen frequent delays. However, the developers have promised that the wait will be worth it, as CarX Street will be one of the most realistic mobile racing games to date. The game will feature PvP, co-op, and single-player modes.

News of the Android version's imminent global release will be warmly welcomed after such an uncertain period.

Car X Street Gameplay
CarX Street promises to be one of the most realistic racing games available on mobile. | © CarX Technologies

The game looks set to a new benchmark for mobile racers, featuring realistic physics, high-quality graphics, and a detailed car tuning system that'll allow players to build the car of their dreams. The game will also feature an expansive city and its surroundings, including streets, mountain roads, and coastal highways.

An open beta of CarX Street was launched in December of last year and is available for Android and iOS devices. A PC version is also scheduled for release.