Demon Slayer Midnight Sun Breathing Tier List: All Breathing Styles Ranked

This guide shares Demon Slayer Midnight Sun Breathing Style tier list, ranking the best to worst breathing styles currently available in the game.

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Here's a Demon Slayer Midnight Sun tier list that ranks best to worst breathing styles currently available in the game. | © Demon Slayer: Midnight Sun

Demon Slayer Midnight Sun offers a plethora of breathing styles inspired by the original manga and anime, Demon Slayers, that players can learn from their respective masters after clearing certain challenges.

But once you have a breathing style learned, when you try to learn another one, you will get notified that you already have a breathing style. As a result, we have many players who look for the best breathing style in Demon Slayer Midnight Sun that they can learn and use in the game.

This is where our Demon Slayer Midnight Sun breathing tier list comes in handy. So keep reading.

Note: We updated this guide on July 13, 2023.

Demon Slayer Midnight Sun Breathing Tier List

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Here's a Breathing Tier List for DSMS. | © Demon Slayer: Midnight Sun

Here is a Demon Slayer Midnight Sun breathing-style tier list. The S and A-tier breathing styles are the best ones that you can currently use in the game, whereas the B and C-tier breathing styles are decent but fall short in certain areas.

Note: In Demon Slayer Midnight Sun, almost every breathing style is great in terms of damage-dealing capability and when it comes to having unique movesets. Though, for the sake of the tier list, we have taken factors like evasive and counter skills, DPS, different range engagements, and other factors.

Just because a breathing style is in the low tier, doesn't mean they are bad. It just implies they fall short on the factors that we were looking at while ranking.

TierBreathing StyleDescription
SMoon Breathing, Mist BreathingThe S-tier breathing styles offer unique movesets that work well in both close and mid-range combat. They even offer abilities that you can use to evade attacks and dominate other breathing styles.
AThunder Breathing, Flame BreathingThe A-tier breathing styles are on par with the S-tier ones. It is just they have a little difficult learning curve.
BWater BreathingThe B-tier breathing style is great when it comes to damage-dealing capability though it lacks skills that allow you to counter and evade attacks.
CSound BreathingThe C-tier breathing style is a decent all-rounder, though it may not be that useful when you encounter a hybrid user.

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