Does Tower Of Fantasy Have Crossplay And Cross-Progression?

The question for any MMORPG like Tower of Fantasy is whether it will have crossplay and cross-progression features. Let's find out those answers and put some worries to rest!

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Does Tower of Fantasy support crossplay and cross-progression? | © Hotta Studio

Tower of Fantasy is an open-world MMORPG that can currently be played on both Android and iOS devices. PC players can also play the game by downloading the game through Steam. With that many options offering you the opportunity to play Tower of Fantasy, many players are asking if the game has crossplay and cross-progression features.

Here are the answers to these burning questions!

Does Tower Of Fantasy Have Crossplay?

Crossplay is a feature available in Tower of Fantasy. That means that the game supports cross-platform functionality and will allow you to play with friends, regardless of the consoles they're using, in game modes such as co-op.

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This is how you can add your friends in Tower of Fantasy! | © Hotta Studio

However, in order to play with your friends in Tower of Fantasy, you will need to add them to your friend list through the 'Friends' tab. You can add them by entering their in-game name or their user ID.

Does Tower Of Fantasy Have Cross-Progression?

Tower of Fantasy has been confirmed to support cross-progression. This means you are able to transfer your in-game progress between consoles on a single save file. Your character design, story progress, in-game items, mounts, and everything in between will all be saved.

So rest assured, you can continue where you left off in Tower of Fantasy on any console provided that you log in with the same account where you have the file saved.

How To Use Crossplay And Cross-Progression?

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This is how you can activate crossplay and cross-progression features in Tower of Fantasy! | © Hotta Studio

You can activate both crossplay and cross-progression features in Tower of Fantasy by simply creating an in-game account.

An account can be created by either registering a game account (using your email address and creating a password) or with your Twitter, Facebook, Google, Apple ID, or Line account.

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