Earth Revival: Release Date, Beta, Trailer, More

Nuverse's Earth: Revival has caught the attention with a flashy trailer, but what is it all about?

Earth Revival Closed beta test release date
Nuverse's Earth: Revival is an ambitious open-world game. Here is everything you need to know. | © Nuverse

Bytedance, the brains behind the fastest growing social media app, TikTok, aren't happy just filling your days with endless scrolling through short-form video content, as they have designs on your gaming habits too: revealing a new PC and mobile title from their subsidiary Nuverse - and it actually looks pretty good.

Earth: Revival is a survival game set in 2112 on an Earth that has been ravaged by a past war between humans and aliens.

As one of the few human Survivors, life isn't going to be easy, with players having to explore the vast open world in search of food, weapons, and the appropriate materials to build settlements, all while combating the mobs of aliens that now roam the earth.

Earth: Revival closed beta test CBT
Earth: Revival will give players a vast open world to explore. | © Nuverse

The game can be played solo or with friends, with PvE raids, team-based tournaments, a battle royale mode, and endgame boss battles.

An eye-catching trailer has been released, and the next step is a closed beta test, open to players from the US, UK, Canada, and Germany.

If you want to learn more, including how to get involved in the beta test, keep on reading.

Earth: Revival - Release Date

There is currently no fixed release date for Earth: Revival though it doesn't seem far off with the game in an advanced stage of development.

The game, which was previously called Project Revival, has already had a number of closed beta tests for both PC and mobile gamers from the UK and Canada.

Spaces on those tests have been limited, but with the game getting showcased at Gamescom 2022, which runs between August 24-28, a new, bigger, closed beta test is set to begin.

Earth Revival Gamescom 2022
The Earth: Revival developers will be showcasing the game at Gamescom 2022. | © Nuverse

With this being the case, a Q1 2023 release date is likely.

How To Pre-Register For The Earth: Revival Closed Beta

Players interested in taking part in the Earth: Revival closed beta test (CBT) are able to register their interest on the game's official website. The closed beta test registration is open from August 19 to September 17, with the beta test itself taking place between September 2-18.

The closed beta test is available on Android and PC, with Apple iOS gamers missing out for the moment.

If you want to take part in the Earth: Revival CBT, follow these instructions:

  1. Head to the Earth: Revival website.
  2. Scroll down until you find the "join now" button - click it.
  3. Answer the questionnaire, which includes the option of partaking in both the Android and PC beta tests.
  4. Check your email for confirmation of your place in the closed beta test.

This closed beta test will end on September 18, and all character progress made during it will be wiped before the next test period.

Taking part in the test will earn you a free reward, the Naughty Kids - Epic Outfit, which will appear in your in-game mailbox.

Earth: Revival - Gameplay And Trailer

Earth: Revival presents itself as a mash-up of a number of genres.

Ostensibly an open-world survival game with resource gathering, weapon and armor crafting, and even the ability to create settlements; the game also promises PvE raids, endgame bosses, and a battle royale game mode to boot. Players not only face off against one another but also against "alien creatures, smart mecha, mutant creatures, and hostile forces."

You won't have to tackle all this alone, though, with players able to team up with others and also create "fully-armed smart pets," an idea that manages to do the impossible: sounding pretty cool and naff at the same time.

It's not clear just how much of this will appear in the CBT, though we are likely to know a lot more by the time Gamescom 2022 ends, and when we know, you will, as we will keep updating this page with the latest on Earth: Revival.

Until then, check out the trailer embedded above and our other mobile gaming news and guides: