Galactus Might Be Nerfed In Marvel Snap Soon

It's been revealed that Galactus may be hit with a nerf sometime soon in Marvel Snap.

Galactus Marvel Snap
It's been revealed that Galactus might be nerfed in Marvel Snap. | © Marvel / Second Dinner

Chief Development Officer, Ben Brode, recently tweeted a cryptic message in which he said that "Galactus is on the watchlist." The character is an iconic cosmic villain in the Marvel universe who consumes entire planets to sustain his life force.

In Marvel Snap, however, he's less menacing. He's a 6-cost 3-Power card with the text "On Reveal: If this is your only card here, destroy all other Locations."

Recently, he's been the centerpiece of some of the most dominant and powerful decks in the game. This has led to a bit of instability in the meta that could call for a nerf on this card.

A Nerf Could Be Coming For Galactus

Galactus Card
Galactus may get nerfed. | © Marvel / Second Dinner

The 'watchlist' is Brode's way of saying that a nerf could be coming for Galactus. The devs need to monitor how the meta shapes up in the coming days and weeks to see whether his card needs a balance change.

At the time of writing, Galactus has a win rate of close to 66% in most games that he's played in. That's despite the card only being used in 0.78% of decks. It's an incredible margin when there are cards like 'The Infinaut' and 'Odin' who boast a similar win rate but a higher use rate. It just goes to show how powerful Galactus is in the decks that he's included in.

Ben Brode also revealed that there are other cards on the watch list and that that list is long. He added that it's not a guarantee that Galactus and these other cards will get nerfed. They're just on the devs' radar.

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