Marvel Snap: Location Spotlight (Plunder Castle)

This week's Location Spotlight in Marvel Snap is 'Plunder Castle'. Here are some tips on how you can play around with this Location's abilities.

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Check out this week's Location Spotlight in Marvel Snap. | © Marvel / Second Dinner

Locations are boards where you can play your cards in Marvel Snap. Each comes with its own unique effect that can either benefit or disadvantage you. Like cards, Locations are also a vital component of the game, as these effects can ultimately shape the outcome of a match.

In Marvel Snap, there are weekly 'Location Spotlights'. This spotlights a particular Location by granting them a higher chance of appearing in matches. The devs announce their pick for the week every Wednesday.

Let's go over this week's Location.

Marvel Snap Location Spotlight - Plunder Castle

Plunder Castle Marvel Snap
6-cost cards thrive at Plunder Castle. | © Marvel / Second Dinner

Plunder Castle (released during the Savage Land Season) is featured in this week's Location Spotlight. Only 6-cost cards can be played here.

Well, the simple straightforward way to play around with this Location is to include 6-cost cards in your deck. You could pick 'finisher' cards like Galactus or Leader. Alternatively, you could play summon cards like Shanna, Squirrel Girl, or others to spawn a unit at Plunder Castle.

Marvel Snap - Previous Location Spotlights

Collapsed Mine Banner
Rocks will fill this Location. | © Marvel / Second Dinner

Collapsed Mine was the previous Location Spotlight. Here's a list of the previous Locations to be featured in Marvel Snap:

  • Collapsed Mine
  • Rickety Bridge
  • Altar of Death
  • Eternity Range
  • Morag
  • Vormir
  • Klyntar
  • Lamentis-1
  • Wakandan Throne Room
  • Vibranium Mines
  • Warrior Falls
  • Shuri's Lab
  • Machine World
  • Bar Sinister
  • Oscorp Tower

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