Best Beginner Decks In Marvel Snap

Wondering what the best beginner decks in Marvel Snap are? Wonder no more.

Best beginner decks
The best beginner decks in Marvel Snap. | © Marvel / Second Dinner

Being a new player of any video game can be daunting. Thankfully, Marvel Snap does an incredible job of introducing players to its core mechanics and slowly ramping up the difficulty with the types of cards that are available.

The way the game gates progression is by having a mechanic where at certain 'collection levels' (the green number associated with your account) players will only have access to cards within a certain pool. So for example from levels 18 to 214 you will only receive cards from pool one. All cards within a pool are designed specifically to work well with each other generally.

Restricting what cards are available to you means that there are some decks which new players simply can't build. But if you want to progress, you will need to know what the best decks are at these levels, and to help you out we have put together the best beginner decks for Marvel Snap.

You can check them out below.

Discard Aggro

Discard aggro
Discard aggro deck profile. | © Marvel / Second Dinner

This profile is a tried and true use of the discard mechanic in Marvel Snap.

You have your staple cards that have amazing synergies like Ant-Man, Squirrel Girl, and Kazar, who can win almost any location.

You will want to make use of Lady Sif, Sword Master and Blades discard capabilities. Then discard Wolverine for the +2 effect or Apocalypse for the +4 effect. Apocalypse will appear back in your hand and Wolverine will drop to a random location on the board.

Ongoing Deck

Ongoing deck profile. | © Marvel / Second Dinner

This deck is focused on the 'Ongoing' mechanic that Marvel Snap has. There's not too much you can do wrong with this deck, it's rather simple and really focused on pumping up the power of Ant-Man with Captain America, Nightcrawler, Colossus or anyone really.

Iron Man will be great for a turn 6 play if you need to double a location and Spectrum will be great if you want to double the ongoing effect for the cards at your locations.

Namor is very good if you make sure he is in a spot by himself so placing him in the far right or left location and having Mister Fantastic in the middle location to buff both would be ideal.

On Reveal

On reveal series 1
On reveal deck profile. | © Marvel / Second Dinner

This 'On Reveal' mechanic deck is going to be one of the easiest to build as you are starting out. Having access to half of the deck from the first few levels and the tutorial really helps a lot.

This one is going to be mainly focused on getting Devil Dinosaur out at the end. He gets +2 for every card in hand. So ideally you would want to play Moon Girl turn four so you can duplicate your hand then turn 5 and drop the Devil Dinosaur for massive stacks. If all else fails and you don't draw Moon Girl or Odin smacking down as a fourth card on any location will surely get you a lead.

Added to that, Enchantress is great for negating your opponents' play alongside Elektra who will kill any 1-cost card.

Hopefully, somewhere in here, there's a deck that you are wanting to check out. Keep on playing and upgrading cards to unlock more heroes to experiment with. There's so many possibilities out there.