Best Stature Decks In Marvel Snap

These are some of the Stature deck ideas we could come up with.

Stature decks
These are some of the Stature deck ideas we could come up with. | © Second Dinner

As of February 21, the shapeshifting superwoman Stature has entered Marvel Snap. Stature is an ultra-rare pool five card, so she will be challenging to obtain traditionally.

When the developers put a card in pool five, this usually means that they are still evaluating the card and trying to get players to use the card within a deck actively.

Stature being a card entirely built around her reacting to the opponent playing a specific deck archetype doesn't make her popular in the meta yet. Two days after her release, she's ranked in the bottom 10% of cards. Her win rate is 45.7%, and her cube gains are in the negatives. Thankfully, we have some ideas to bring the card to an elevated level.

Stature Disco

Stature disco
Stature Disco deck profile. | © Second Dinner

Stature Disco without Stature would be a fantastic deck. Once we add her in there, many possibilities open up. All the plays within this deck will focus around us making the opponent do something suboptimal for them.

For example, Korg. He will put a rock into the opponent's deck, potentially forcing them to draw a rock, not the card they want. Aero will move cards to her location. Iceman will increase the cost of one card in the opponent's hand.

For Stature to work, we need the opponent to discard something. Once an opponent discards a card, Stature's cost drops to 1 from 5. So with Moon Knight or Black Bolt, we can force them to discard a card, allowing us to play Stature. If you are unlucky and don't draw Stature, these cards will at least carry you to victory if played correctly.

Stature Theory

Stature theory
Stature Theory deck profile. | © Second Dinner

This Stature Theory is just as solid as the last. We have a slew of powerful control cards to play that will work on their own. The tried and true combo of Moon Knight discard, then playing Ghost Rider on any turn after to bring back the discarded hero.

For example, you could be forced to discard Black Bolt on turn three. If you wait it out, you can play Ghost Rider turn six and Black Bolt, thanks to Ghost Rider's skill.

For Stature, we have a situational combo to do, which is playing Shuri on turn four, Black Bolt on five, with Stature and Aero on turn 6. Shuri will double the power of Black Bolt, and then Black Bolt will force our opponent to discard, leading to us, on turn six, having Stature at 1-cost and Aero at 5.

Play Aero at the location your opponent has the weakest presence so that you can move all of their last-turn cards there for sure victory.

Stature RNG

Stature rng
Stature RNG deck profile. | © Second Dinner

Now that we got the two consistent decks out of the way, we can look at one that's as consistent as a slot machine or gacha pull. On a perfect day, when there are no clouds in the sky and the temperature is a pleasant 60 degrees (15c for those outside of the States), we may pull off the coolest combo in Marvel Snap.

Ifyou play Moon Knight on turn three, you can do this combo.If,on turn three, you still have Black Cat, Ghost Rider, and Stature in hand, your path to victory is there for the taking.

Moon Knight will force you and the opponent to discard a card. Then, Black Cat will discard herself if she's still in your hand at the end of turn three.

Ghost Rider comes out on turn four, and you better hope that the card Moon Knight discarded was good. On turn five, you can play whatever you want because, on turn six, you have Stature waiting in the wing at 1-cost. Ideally, you'd play Aero, but we all know how RNG works in this game.

All of this unpredictability is making us nervous, but we are glad to say that these are the best decks we could come up with using Stature. It may be a few days or weeks before there's a Stature deck in the Infinite tier, but it's safe to say that if she doesn't perform well, the developers will give her some much-needed help to add her to some more free-flowing, less combo-heavy decks.

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