Marvel Snap: All Abilities Explained

Marvel Snap is full of cards with unique and interesting abilities. Here's a guide explaining all of them.

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Here's a guide on all the abilities and keywords in Marvel Snap. | © Marvel

Needless to say, cards are an important feature in a card battler such as Marvel Snap. But cards are only as good as their abilities allow them. Abilities, or keywords in other card games, are special effects that cards possess that will either give you an advantage or disadvantage your opponents.

In this guide, we'll be explaining all of the abilities in Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap Abilities Explained

There are currently five abilities in Marvel Snap. These abilities generally interact with cards, decks, or locations. While there is only a limited pool of abilities, the detailed effects that follow them in the card text give each card a unique impact on the game.

Here are all the abilities and a description of what they do:

Ability NameDescription

Removes a card(s) from a location(s).

DiscardRemoves a card(s) from your hand or deck. You will not be able to play the card(s) in the game.
MoveMoves a card(s) from one location(s) to another.
OngoingHas a continuous effect on the location(s).
On RevealAn effect is triggered when you play the 'On Reveal' card at any location.

Cards with none of these abilities are described as "vanilla" cards or cards with no effect.

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