Best Devil Dinosaur Decks In Marvel Snap

Here are the best Devil Dinosaur decks you can field in Marvel Snap.

Devil dino decks
These are the best Devil Dinosaur decks currently in Marvel Snap | © Marvel

Devil Dinosaur, how we hate and love you. If you have spent any time playing ranked mode in Marvel Snap, there has been a moment where victory was all but promised and the opponent just drops Devil Dinosaur at a location and then wins.

A pesky card that doesn't really have a counter; not only are these decks good with Devil Dinosaur, but they are also just good decks with multifaceted goals, offering up plenty of avenues to victory.

So, if you can't beat them, why not join them?

Jubilee Dino

Jubilee dino
Jubilee Dino deck profile. | © Marvel

Jubilee and Devil Dinosaur are going to be our best friends for most of these decks. For this deck especially we will need to make sure to hold onto most of our cards because well, they cost a lot but also Devil Dinosaur gains power from us having cards in hand.

Since the costs are high, we will achieve this naturally. Now, Jubilee should only ideally be played if you've drawn Sunspot, just so you don't accidentally get him from Jubilee's ability.

Whoever you get will be worth it due to how the deck is built. Turns 5 and 6 are predicated on if you have Odin and Devil Dinosaur in hand.

If you do, then play Devil Dinosaur on turn 5, and Odin where Jubilee is on turn six, so Odin can reactivate her ability, and you can get another big dude at a location.

If you have Devil Dinosaur without Odin or Odin without Devil Dinosaur, just play whatever 5-cost you have, ideally Devil Dinosaur. Turn 6 if you don't draw Odin, you will for sure get America Chavez.

On Reveal Dino

On reveal dino
On Reveal Dino deck profile. | © Marvel

Look, our best friends Devil Dinosaur and Jubilee are here. The Jubilee -> Devil Dino- > Odin and Jubilee combo is going to be our bread and butter once again - if we draw correctly.

If luck isn't on our side then we want to focus on our Ongoing friends Sunspot, The Collector, Jessica Jones, and Namor to build out our locations.

If we are to draw Storm, White Queen or Cable, we can also build our locations by taking cards from the opponent with Cable and White Queen or removing the location effect with Storm.

Jubilee Wave

Jubilee wave
Jubilee Wave deck profile. | © Marvel

Devil Dinosaur and Jubilee's friend group has grown! Be nice to their new friend, Wave.

We're still aiming for that Jubilee -> Devil Dinosaur -> Odin and Jubilee combo this time around, but we have the capability of playing Devil Dinosaur or any of the cards that cost more than him on turn 4 or 5.

You are guaranteed to draw Quicksilver turn one, Domino turn 2 and America Chavez turn 6. So no matter what may happen, you will have things to play. You don't need to remember what cards are in your deck that Jubilee may play because the ones you don't want are guaranteed to be drawn.

You want to play the least amount of cards possible to win, just so you can buff Devil Dinosaur to high heavens and completely obliterate the opponent when you activate Jubilees ability a second time with Odin.

Furthermore, you've probably played against these exact decks, so hopefully knowing what your opponent is doing will help you win more fights or even join them on the dark side!

We hope you enjoyed this deck guide. Please check out some of our other Marvel Snap content while you're here!