Best Wong Deck In Marvel Snap

Wong is a meta card in Marvel Snap. Here are a few of the best decks you can use him in.

Wong deck
Discover the best Wong deck in Marvel Snap. | © Marvel / Second Dinner

The Marvel Snap meta is constantly shifting week, and currently, a previously unherabled card has become the engine for some very interesting and fun control decks on the ranked ladder.

The 'On Reveal' mechanic is one which lives and dies by the powers of the cards and within the deck, the archetype produces some of the strongest synergies in the game. What would happen if you could play all of these amazing synergies twice thanks to one card? That's where Wong comes in.

Dino Wong

Dino wong
Dino Wong deck profile. | © Marvel / Second Dinner

This Wong deck is focused on two goals, flooding the board with as many heroes as you can and buffing your other heroes while controlling the board with an almost endless amount of cards. There are too many game-winning combos in this deck to count but we will try to explain as much as we can.

One of the game-winning combos here will be playing The Hood and getting his Demon and holding onto that until you can drop the Demon and Beast at the same location as The Hood. When Beast is played all of the cards at that location will go back to your hand. So essentially you get another Demon from playing the Hood. Ideally, at the location these combos are going on at you will want to have Angela so she keeps stacking her buff with the cards. Once you have that set up you close it up with Killmonger who will destroy all the one-cost cards, meaning your -2 The Hood and whatever cards your opponent has.

If you have a Bishop out at any of your other locations during this combo he will also be earning his buff. That's just one example, now you're asking, what do I do with Wong? Here's a fun idea: have Agent 13 out with Beast and Wolfsbane. Drop Wong in the fourth slot. You then get all of those cards back in your hand thanks to Beast and you can either continue to combo to buff up someone like Bishop or even Angela or you can hold onto your newly acquired cards and drop Devil Dinosaur to win the game.

Wong is such a flexible card that he can be played in any On Reveal deck currently. He is card-based around high risk and high reward but that's what makes him fun. If you can build your own deck with multiple win conditions Wong will be a good addition to it as long as you are focused on building around the On Reveal archetype.

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