Marvel Snap Card Levels Explained: Cost, Collection Level, Cosmetics

Marvel Snap has various levels that you can upgrade your cards to. Let's go over the card levels, upgrade costs, Collection Level points, and cosmetics you can get.

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We'll be explaining all the card levels in Marvel Snap. | © Marvel

As a collectible card game, Marvel Snap has various cards that you can collect. But unlike other games in the genre, cards have an added dimension. In Marvel Snap, you can upgrade your cards to reach new card levels that can visually improve your cards by adding cosmetics or animations. Unfortunately, these upgrades don't improve the overall effects that your card will have over the board, but they sure can make your cards look great when you play them.

We've put together a guide going over all the information you need to know about card levels in Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap Card Levels Explained

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Let's go over the card levels in Marvel Snap. | © Marvel

There are six card levels in Marvel Snap: Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Ultra, and Infinity. Upgrading your cards will cost you Credits and Boosters. Credits and Boosters can be obtained from completing missions, season pass rewards, the Shop, or the Collection Level road.

Once you upgrade your card to a new level, you will earn rewards such as Collection Level points and a new cosmetic that will be immediately applied to your card. You will not be able to downgrade your cards in any manner.

Let's dive into the card levels in more detail:

Card LevelCreditsBoostersCollection Level PointsCard Cosmetic
Uncommon2551Frame Break


Legendary300306Shiny Logo


Animated Frame
Infinity5005010Allows you to create a new card variant with a rainbow-tinted background

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