Marvel Snap Infinity Split: How To Get, All Surface And Reveal Effects

Infinity Splits are the rarest form of Marvel Snap cards. This guide will show you how to get them and the possible surface and reveal effects in store for you if you do!

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How do you get an Infinity Split in Marvel Snap? | © Marvel / Second Dinner

Marvel Snap is the latest and greatest card-battling game, with an ever-increasing number of cards and locations to keep things interesting.

The game also features the ability to upgrade cards, not to give them extra strength or abilities, but to change the actual card art you will see when playing with them.

It's a great system that rewards those willing to grind - or throw some money at the game - with various variants and art styles to unlock.

But there is another upgrade path, and that is Infinity Splits. As mentioned before, these aren't variants but entirely different versions of the same card in your collection, which reward players with customizable cards and unique reveals.

How To Infinity Split In Marvel Snap

Electra with button
Electra Infinite rarity. | Credit: u/DaClems on Reddit

For 50 boosters and 500 credits, it’s a hard grind to get there; that said, Marvel Snap rewards you graciously with the Infinity Split mechanic. While viewing an Infinity rare card, there is a rainbow orb on the bottom right, click it, and you will be greeted with a new version copy of that card. That’s right, your old Infinite rare card is still there, but now you have a new and improved one to start upgrading.

New electra
First Infinity Split for Electra. | Credit: u/DaClems on Reddit

What you have in your hands is an Infinity Split! Now, every first split you do will reward you with a triangle rainbow background or a smooth foil rainbow background. Now that may sound boring, but it is far from it.

If you go through the ranking up mechanic of the new Infinity card you created, you can Infinity Split it again. In the end, sixteen outcomes are possible, and each split hereafter has an added percentage to come with a rare additional effect.

Infinity Split Effect Rates

The possible surface effects are:

  • Foil
  • Prism
  • Ink
  • Gold

The possible card reveal effects are

  • Glimmer
  • Comic
  • Sparkle
  • Kirby dots
Infinity Split effect rates. | Credit: u/SweetHomeOkinawa on Reddit

All of these effects can overlap with one another, resulting in the sixteen possible outcomes.

From the second split onward, you are guaranteed a new background and reveal effect, so don’t give up! It’s a lot to take in, but honestly, it’s a neat mechanic for a card game, and it is definitely perfect for those that like to collect things.

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