Marvel Snap Teases Three New Cards

The devs have teased three new cards that will be coming to Marvel Snap soon.

Marvel Snap Series5 Cards
We'll be seeing three new cards come to Marvel Snap soon. | © Marvel / Second Dinner

The Silver Surfer isn't the only card coming to Marvel Snap in the Power Cosmic season. Right after the new season rolled in, we were treated to news that the devs have plans to release three previously unannounced cards to Marvel Snap throughout December.

This wasn't exactly breaking news to some players, as the devs had revealed in the December developer update that they had several cards they intended on releasing in the coming months. It was expected for them to arrive next year, so this is a nice surprise.

We know you're excited to check out these brand-new cards, so let's dive into them.

Three New Cards Are Coming To Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap New Cards
Three new cards have been revealed. | © Marvel / Second Dinner

The three new cards are Knull, the Sentry, and Darkhawk. They're all series five cards and can be unlocked on the Collection Level track and at the Token Shop. As we mentioned earlier, they'll be joining Marvel Snap later in December.

You can find more details about these cards and their expected release date in the table below:

CardDescriptionRelease Date
  • 6-cost 0-Power card with the card text 'Ongoing: Has the combined Power of all cards destroyed this game.'
December 13

The Sentry

  • 4-cost 8-Power card with the card text 'Cannot be played at the right location. On Reveal: add a -8 Power Void to the right location.'
December 20
  • 4-cost 1-Power card with the card text 'Ongoing: +2 Power for each card in your opponent's deck.'
December 20

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