Marvel Snap To Introduce Custom Battles By End Of Year

You will soon be able to play with friends in Marvel Snap, with a new battle mode being set to be introduced later this year.

Marvel snap play with friends
Marvel Snap will soon allow you to play with friends. | © Second Dinner

Marvel Snap has taken over mobile gaming with the card battler calling the top of the charts home since its global release last month.

Its success can be attributed to many things. Its simple yet layered ruleset makes the game easy to pick up and difficult to put down, the obvious love of the Marvel universe that has gone into every character and card design, and its positively charitable (at least when it comes to mobile games) monetization, that doesn't lock any gameplay-altering mechanics behind real-world purchases.

However, the game isn't without its faults, and one of those is the lack of game modes, of which there is only one; a one-track ranked ladder system that matches you against random opponents of a similar skill level.

Currently, you can only play Marvel Snap in the game's ranked ladder. | © Second Dinner

It means playing Marvel Snap can often feel like a solitary experience; you can't become part of a clan, communicate in any way with other players, or even play with mates. Thankfully, things are set to change.

Marvel Snap To Introduce Custom Battles

Marvel Snap is to introduce a game mode that will allow you to play against friends, effectively creating the foundations for potential tournaments and an esport.

Speaking to the Washington Post, a spokesperson for developer Second Dinner said an update due to arrive this "calendar year" will contain a battle mode, allowing players to play with whoever they choose.

The mode will also change the way the game is played.

In this new battle mode, each player gets ten health at the outset of the match. 'Snapping' will still play a vital role, but instead of rank points being bet on the outcome of a game, it will be these health points that are wagered. The first to extinguish their health points loses the game.

This mode also creates a system for tournament organizers to run events, with the game's inability to create custom matches currently making this impossible.

Marvel Snap Roadmap Reveals Future Of Card Game

The battle mode isn't exactly news - as it was revealed in the developer's roadmap following the game's launch last month - but learning it will arrive at some point this year is.

How to play with friends marvel snap
The Marvel Snap developer roadmap reveals several new game modes are in the works. | © Second Dinner

At the time, the battle mode was pitched as "in development", and we are now told that it will arrive later this year.

Some of the in-development features listed above have already made it into the game, with titles being introduced to the game in the November 3 update.

Heading into 2023, the number of game modes will expand further, with the developers stating that guild and social system, new competitive modes, and an "infinity rank leaderboard" are in the works.

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