Genshin Impact Anime: Release Date, Characters, Location

One thing on everyone's mind right now is the Genshin Impact anime. We'll be answering your burning questions about its release date, characters, location, and more!

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This is everything we know about the Genshin Impact anime! | © HoYoverse / Ufotable

HoYoverse recently announced a collaboration with Japanese animation studio Ufotable to design and develop an anime TV series based on the popular RPG mobile game, Genshin Impact.

Information about this is still scarce as its currently in its early stages of development. However, we've put together all the information we know about it into one trusty guide. Here's everything you need to know about the Genshin Impact anime.

Genshin Impact Anime - Release Date

Anime Release Date GI
No release date has been confirmed yet for the Genshin Impact anime... | © HoYoverse / Ufotable

The Genshin Impact anime has no official release date as of yet.

The collaboration between HoYoverse and Ufotable was only announced on September 16. In their statement, they mention that the "project between Genshin Impact and Ufotable has begun" which suggests that the anime is only in its early stages of development. That means it could be long before we get word of an official release date.

Genshin Impact Anime - Characters

From the concept trailer, Paimon, Aether, and Lumine are three characters that will be appearing in the Genshin Impact anime. We can expect the cast to consist of more characters from the game, but that information is yet to be released.

Let's take a look at the confirmed Genshin Impact anime characters.


Paimon Anime GI
Paimon will be accompanying us in the Genshin Impact anime! | © HoYoverse

Paimon is the infamous NPC guide in Genshin Impact who accompanies us Travelers throughout our journey in the magical world of Teyvat.

Aether And Lumine

Characters Anime GI
Aether and Lumine will also be appearing in the Genshin Impact anime! | © HoYoverse / Ufotable

The Traveler twins, Aether and Lumine, will be making an appearance in the Genshin Impact anime. They are the characters we get to choose from at the beginning of the Genshini Impact storyline.

Genshin Impact Anime - Locations

So far, only three locations have been revealed to be making an appearance in the Genshin Impact anime: Dragonspine, Mondstadt, and the Statues of the Seven. Granted, the anime will be set in the Genshin world of Teyvat, so we're more than likely to see other famous locations from the game.

Let's go over all the locations we know so far.


Dragon Spine GI2
The tall mountain of Dragonspine has been teased in the Genshin Impact anime! | © HoYoverse / Ufotable

Dragonspine is a colossal mountain that houses the ruins of Durin and is perpetually engulfed in snow. Before Durin's downfall, Dragonspine was known as Vindagnyr. But to this day, it is still known as one of the most dangerous places in Teyvat.


Mondstadt GI
Explore the vast area in Mondstadt! | © HoYoverse / Ufotable

Mondstadt is one of the seven regions in Teyvat and actually one of the first we get to explore in Genshin Impact. The great open plains and forests of the region are shown in the anime's concept trailer.

Statues Of The Seven

Statueof Seven GI
Spot one of the Statues of the Seven in the Genshin Impact anime! | © HoYoverse / Ufotable

Statues of the Seven are structures that can be found throughout Teyvat. Despite its name, there are more than 24 statues that are scattered in every one of the seven regions.

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