LilyPichu Spent More Money On Genshin Impact Than She Made Voicing Game's Character

Lily "LilyPichu" Ki revealed her spending on Genshin Impact was more than she ever got for voicing Sayu.

LilyPichu Genshin Impact
LilyPichu has spent a huge amount of money on Genshin Impact. | © LilyPichu

Genshin Impact has long had a reputation for being an expensive game to play, with its gacha mechanics almost demanding a certain spend by even the thriftiest of players.

While most get by spending $10-$15 USD a month, many of the game's biggest fans have spent thousands to "pull" their most-sought after characters and weapons.

Now, it has emerged that voicing a character in the game, and being handsomely paid for it, isn't enough to level the balance books after content creator and sometime voice artist Lily "LilyPichu" Ki revealed she had spent more on the game than she received for lending her voice to Sayu - one of the game's many playable characters.

LilyPichu Reveals Her Genshin Impact Spending Became A Problem

As first reported by Dexerto, LilyPichu recently made an appearance on the Trash Taste podcast episode, and once the conversation got around to gacha games, she revealed the mechanic had become a "problem" for her.

Having not played the game until she was cast in the role of Sayu, LilyPichu admitted that her role led her down a Genshin Impact "rabbit hole."

Lilypichu sayu
LilyPichu voiced Sayu in Genshin Impact. | © HoYoverse

"I was playing the game. Spending money. Rolling for five-star characters. I was watching Genshin MMDs on YouTube - it was bad." And when pressed on how much she had spent on Genshin Impact, LilyPichu made a startling admission.

"I basically paid back the money that they paid me [to voice Sayu] – it's terrible! I stopped spending money, and I stopped playing. I had to uninstall Cookie Run and Genshin Impact," revealed Lily.

How much precisely this might be wasn't divulged, but LilyPichu, who just signed an exclusive contract to stream on YouTube after ten years on Twitch, would be unlikely to come cheap, suggesting her Genshin Impact spend was likely in the five figures.

LilyPichu's comments on Genshin start at 1:05:10.

The creator revealed that she stopped playing games with the mechanic because she had a problem, with the content creator also mentioning Summoners War and Cookie Run Kingdom as being too good at making her open her wallet.

While LilyPichu seems to have got her gacha issues under control, she did admit that she recently reinstalled the game - suggesting HoYoverse may yet make more money back from the creator.

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