Montoon Cancels September Project NEXT In Mobile Legends

After receiving a flurry of criticism from the Mobile Legends community, Montoon has decided to cancel September's Project NEXT. Here's everything you need to know.

Mobile Legends Cancelled Project NEXT
Looks like we'll have to wait for changes in Mobile Legends because Project NEXT has been canceled... | © Montoon

Montoon has announced that September's Project NEXT for Mobile Legends will be canceled. Chief Designer, Skyhook, came out on Twitter to deliver the reasoning behind his and the team's decision to pause the much anticipated community-driven update.

Project NEXT was first launched in 2020 during Mobile Legends' fourth-year anniversary. Montoon realized that the new skins and systems they introduced with every game update often left many older Heroes out of the picture. So, this project was created to present players with an opportunity to pitch in their feedback about which heroes were overlooked.

Project Next Miya ML
Layla, Miya, and Zilong are just some of the Heroes to benefit from Project NEXT. | © Montoon

Since then, Project NEXT became a staple in the game and has introduced sweeping reworks of Heroes like Layla, Miya, and Zilong as well as re-designing jungle and roaming items.

The main reason behind the cancellation of September's Project NEXT is the Emblem system rework. For those unfamiliar, these Emblems reward you with minor boosts to your Hero's attributes for an advantage during in-game battles.

Skyhook mentioned that:

[However] The battlefield evolved, and more and more players demanded higher freedoms in terms of attribute customization and skill composition. Logically, the Emblem system became the major focus of this year's Project NEXT

The re-design of Emblems started in June 2021 and the voting stage for these changes began on October 2021. The results of these voted changes - which transformed the Emblem system into a new Talent system - were implemented for early access in the Advanced Server in April 2022.

Unfortunately, the new Talent system received an overwhelming amount of negative criticism. This was largely because it was too complex and offered too many Talent choices to players. This only made the game more complicated and, if permanently introduced, would make it incredibly difficult for newer players. In light of this feedback, Montoon made multiple attempts to resolve these issues, but none of them were successful.

Sadly, this was all too much to fix and the changes set for Project NEXT could not meet the deadline in September. The Talent system, as it stands, seems to be scrapped as the team would like to develop a better replacement for the Emblem system. Skyhook went on to say:

Over the past 4 months, community feedback on the Talent system has indicated that the system could have a significant negative impact on the core gaming experience of MLBB. In the spirit of "player experience first", we regretfully decided to cancel the Project NEXT update in September.

That being said, the Emblem system will remain in its current, unchanged form until Montoon comes to a better solution for the issues facing it. Besides these Emblem changes that were supposed to come in September's Project NEXT, Heroes, skins, maps, and system adjustments were expected to arrive with it.

At this point, no release date has been revealed for when all of these changes will come to Mobile Legends. The Montoon team will most likely reveal that information on their Twitter page.

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