Need For Speed Mobile Is Gearing Up For Closed Beta

A new mobile title from the Need for Speed franchise is set to enter closed beta testing in China.

Need for speed mobile
Need For Speed Mobile is pulling up to the starting line with a closed beta starting in China. | © TiMi Studio Group

A new mobile game based on the Need for Speed racing franchise is entering its first cross-platform beta test in China.

Developed by TiMi Studios, the game's existence has been known since August 2021, when it was revealed that EA was bringing the franchise back with a mobile game and a new entry for consoles.

This latest closed beta test follows a smaller, invite-only play session conducted in China through the Tencent Pioneer app when the game was known only as Codename: Racing. That test was only for iOS devices and had room for only 1,500 testers.

New Need For Speed Mobile Title Is Entering Closed Beta

News of this latest closed beta test comes from several leakers who focus on mobile gaming. In a rough translation, it appears that the beta test will be open to Android and iOS users and also comes with a number of promotional images featuring some of the game's cars.

The closed beta test is expected to start in October, with the number of participants capped and reportedly already filled.

The timing of this closed beta test ties in nicely with EA's revamped plans for the franchise, rumors have been swirling for the past week that an official announcement for the new console game, what is being called Need for Speed Unbound, is imminent.

Need for Speed is no stranger to mobile. 2015's Need for Speed: No Limits has been actively supported since its release, with the last major update, Lion's Den, arriving earlier this month.

That game was also localized by Tencent for the Chinese market, released under the name Need for Speed: Duel in 2016.

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