Does Project Winter Mobile Have Crossplay?

Project Winter Mobile has got its release on Android and iOS, but can you play with PC and console players using crossplay?

Project Winter Mobile crossplay
Project Winter Mobile brings the social deception game to Android and iOS gamers, but can you do crossplay with those on other platforms? | © Boltrend Games

Project Winter Mobile is now out on both Android and iOS. The social deception game sees up to eight players take on the role of survivor or traitor. While the former looks to gather resources and fix up the tools and machinery required to help the gang escape the brutal arctic wilderness, the latter works to stymie that progress and, when the opportunity arises, kill an unsuspecting survivor.

The game's mobile release follows its release on PC back in 2019 and later to Xbox and PlayStation consoles and the Nintendo Switch, which begs the question can you play between the two versions of the game using crossplay?

We look at what crossplay features are supported at launch and what the developers say about such a feature in the future.

Does Project Winter Mobile Support Crossplay?

While crossplay is supported between players on PC, Xbox One/SeriesX|S, PlayStation 4/5, and Nintendo Switch, it is not currently supported with players on Project Winter Mobile.

Project Winter Mobile is being developed by a different studio, with Boltrend Games taking over duties from Other Ocean Group, and while the games bare many similarities, they are standalone games.

In terms of Project Winter Mobile, there is crossplay in some respect, that being between Android and iOS gamers with both platforms able to add friends from the other and party up together.

To do so, follow these instructions:

  1. Launch Project Winter Mobile on your device.
  2. Once at the main menu, click on the 'sociality' button found at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Search using your friend's player name or user ID (UID).
  4. Once the account is found, add them to your friends' list.
  5. Have them accept you on their device by going to the 'sociality' menu and tapping on 'request list'.
Project Winter Mobile android ios crossplay
Project Winter Mobile offers crossplay between Android and iOS, but no other platforms at the moment. | © Boltrend Games

What Have The Developers Said About Project Winter Mobile Crossplay?

There hasn't been any announcement about crossplay between Project Winter and Project Winter Mobile, with the developers remaining quiet on the subject.

The game is just out, and it may well be that, in the future, the developers will discuss the potential for crossplay and if they intend to implement it.

We will continue to update this page with more information as it becomes available.

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