Rainbow Six Mobile Beta Server Problems To Be Fixed In 'Next Few Days'

The developers have promised "all hands are on deck" to combat the server problems that have affected the Rainbow Six Mobile closed beta since its launch earlier this week.

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Rainbow Six Mobile developers have said they are "all hands on deck" to fix the server issues affecting the closed beta. | © Ubisoft

The Rainbow Six Mobile developers have promised that "all hands are on deck" as they look to fix the server problems and missing invites that have plagued the closed beta since its launch on Monday.

In a statement posted to the game's social media channels, the developers admitted that this was "not the experience we intended for our community."

The issues have been wide-ranging but focus on poor server performance, with the developers confirming that it is an issue on their end when it comes to "rubber banding, error codes, and some bugs preventing being able to progress further in the game."

They also confirmed that a number of invited players have failed to receive their invite.

Rainbow Six Mobile Server Issues
Rainbow Six Mobile's closed beta has been plagued with server issues. | © Ubisoft

The developers also stated that they are going to be deploying fixes over the coming days, with the servers remaining open as they monitor and track game issues.

Rainbow Six Mobile Closed Beta Plagued With Issues

This follows a statement released on September 13, which stated that the servers were having their "CPU power" increased to combat dropped frame rate issues and rubber banding. That was followed by two new waves of invites being sent out, but clearly, the problems persist.

This is the second closed testing period that Rainbow Six Mobile has undertaken, with this one adding India, Brazil, Singapore, and the Philippines to the eligible countries, joining the United States, Mexico, and Canada, who were eligible for the previous closed alpha.

It's not clear if there are particular regions that are having more troubles than others, though the Rainbow Six Mobile subreddit reveals a litany of issues. There are some reporting that they find themselves in games by themselves, while others say they can't get past the in-game tutorial.

The closed beta added the Clubhouse map, a battle pass, and Operator progression, but with the current issues stopping so many from playing, it looks like the developers are going to have to regroup before adding any more content.

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