Rainbow Six Mobile Introduces Hardcore 'Veteran' Mode

The Veteran limited-time mode introduces longer matches and no MMR matchmaking to Rainbow Six Mobile.

Veteran Mode
Rainbow Six Mobile has got a new hardcore limited-time mode called Veteran. © Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Mobile's closed beta is back on track after server issues had made playing impossible for many of the invited players in the opening weeks.

With a bug fixing update out and server capacity increased, the developers are now pushing new features to the game, with this weekend marking the arrival of Veteran mode, a limited-time mode that offers up a more hardcore experience to players.

Gone are the red enemy outlines that help make seeing those peering through cracks easier. Match lengths have been increased too, with the best-of-three becoming a best-of-five.

Players will no longer glow red
The red outline usually around the opposing team's players has been turned off in Rainbow Six Mobile's Veteran limited-time mode. | © Ubisoft

There will also be no MMR considered when matching players, meaning you could be put in a game with the very best or... the very worst. The time it will take to get a match will also take slightly longer, but for good reason, as this will be used to ensure you are matched with other players and not bots, as is so often the case.

The mode is set to run every weekend the close beta is live, starting on Friday at 8 am PT (11 am ET / 3 pm GMT) before going offline on Sunday at 5 pm PT (8 pm ET / 12 am GMT).

Don't worry if you aren't a sweat though, as the regular game mode will also be available at this time.

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