Tower Of Fantasy August 2022 Patch: Bug Fixes And Gameplay Improvements

A new patch has arrived in Tower of Fantasy that will fix bugs and improve the overall gameplay experience. Check it out!

August Patch To F
A new patch for August 2022 has arrived in Tower of Fantasy! | © Hotta Studio

Tower of Fantasy will receive its first ever patch since its global launch! Hotta Studio has listened to the feedback from the community over the past few weeks and has implemented these new changes into the August 2022 patch. As it is still early days into the game's release, none of these changes are drastic. They cater more to the overall gameplay experience and bug fixes.

Let's take a look at all of them and how you can update Tower of Fantasy with the latest patch.

How To Update Tower Of Fantasy - August 2022 Patch

How To Download To F
This is how you deploy the new August 2022 update! | © Hotta Studio

The new patch is an optional update that has been available since its release on August 18, 2022, at 6 am UTC+0. This is how you can update Tower of Fantasy with this new patch on mobile:

  • Depending on your mobile device, open either the App store or Google Play store.
  • Find Tower of Fantasy in your list of downloaded applications. Select it.
  • Select the "Update" button.

Again, this patch is an optional update. There will be no influence or major errors that will occur if you decide not to update Tower of Fantasy with the new changes. However, if you choose to download the next patch, all previously not downloaded updates will be brought into the game.

August 2022 Patch Notes

As we mentioned earlier, the changes introduced in the August 2022 patch cater more to the gameplay experience and minor bug fixes. Here they are:

Gameplay Experience Improvements

Server Issues To F
It was very difficult for players to connect to a server in Tower of Fantasy prior to this patch... | © Hotta Studio

Only two changes were made to the overall gameplay experience in Tower of Fantasy. These aim to resolve issues that plagued the game's servers. It resulted in players finding it difficult to connect to their desired server and waiting long queue times.

These are the changes that will resolve these server issues:

  • Optimized the queuing time display and improved the display time that is too long in comparison to the actual time.
  • Improved the server recommendation logic when queuing. Other servers in the same region of the currently selected server will be recommended.

Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes To F
A bunch of fixes are here to stop all these annoying little bugs... | © Hotta Studio

Six bug fixes were introduced to Tower of Fantasy in the August 2022 patch. These largely focus on bugs that crash the app.

Here are the bug fixes:

  • Fixed the problem that a blank pop-up window appears when starting or updating the game.
  • Fixed the crash problem on iOS devices when canceling login.
  • Fixed the issue where the Japanese character name in the server selection interface is displayed as "?"
  • Re-coded and fixed the teleport issue on the world map.
  • Fixed the problem of disappearing water surfaces in some scenes.
  • Fixed the crash problem when operating the Matrices system in the Portuguese version.

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