Visual Novel Game, Digimon Survive, Review Bombed For Being Visual Novel Game

Digimon Survive has been review bombed after players learned it was largely a visual novel game.

After four years, Digimon Survive is not what everyone expected. | © Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco's much-delayed Digimon Survive was released on Friday with fans waiting over four years for the title produced by Digimon veteran Habu Kazumasa.

However many have been left disappointed over the weekend when they discovered the game was more a visual novel than an action RPG (there are elements of both), and subsequently, review bombed the game, which has been rolled back somewhat from those that have fallen in love with the game.

Digimon Survive Review Bombed For "False Advertising"

Development has been long for Digimon Survive but somehow some fans have got the wrong idea about what the game was meant to be.

When first announced back in July 2018, the game was described in promotional material as a "survival SRPG" with 2D and 3D elements and "lots of genres".

However, in the years following producer, Habu Kazumasa, was heard to describe the game as focusing more on the "visual novel elements." It's this disconnect that has got some fans upset.

According to TheGamer, by Saturday, the game had been review bombed on Metric Critic's user reviews. The Xbox One version was at 1.8, while the PS4, and Nintendo Switch versions fared better with 3.4 and 4.3 respectively.

"It would be a Digimon game that I would really enjoy if it wasn't so loaded with those VN elements that are completely out of place," said one player who posted the same review on all versions of the game, giving it a zero.

Another reviewer found the game a failure at "every corner, becoming a subpar tactical RPG, and an even worse [visual novel].

Those early bad reviews are still having an effect on the game's overall scores but fans of the new title have come to the game's honor with some more positive reviews.

"Ignore the folks who are review bombing it -- this is a great game," said minneyar, giving the game a 10.

"Yes, it's a visual novel with tactical RPG battles. If you don't like reading, it's ok to not play it. If you *do* like reading, though, the dialogue and story are great."

Giving it a 10 on the Xbox One page, Troovtnaz said: "The 0/10 spammer needs to be corrected because it's complete bull and the game is awesome, seen someone copy/paste his same review on every platform, F the haters."

The game has few critic reviews but it seems to be faring better with Pocket Tactics giving it an eight and called it "a truly impressive game."

As of August 1, the game's user review score has climbed but is still likely a while away from the true feelings of the player base, it's clear if you aren't a fan of visual novel games Digimon Survive isn't for you.

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