Wild Rift Mixes Magic And Bingo In New Vex Event

Bewitching Vex's Bingo has plenty of rewards on offer, including 1000 Blue Motes. Here are the details.

Bewitching Vex B Ingo
Bewitching Vex's Bingo is Wild Rift's newest event. | © Riot Games

Vex has come to League of Legends: Wild Rift, and she has brought a brand new event with her.

Bewitching Vex's Bingo mixes your granny's favorite past-time and some dark arts for an event packed with rewards.

Players will have to complete missions on 4x4 bingo cards; complete a row, and you will be rewarded with 50 Blue Motes.

Once you complete the whole bingo card, you will get a special reward, and you will get access to another, with there being four bingo cards in total.

Vex The Gloomist
Vex, The Gloomist is the newest champion in Wild Rift. | © Riot Games

If you struggle to complete a mission, you can use a Bewitching Pumpkin, which instantly completes a mission.

To acquire Bewitching Pumpkins, you will need to collect four points, with players earning one each time they play a match or complete a row, column, or diagonal in a bingo board. Use up your Bewitching Pumpkins as you go, as you can only hold three at any one time.

Unfortunately, there are no champions or skins to unlock here. Instead, there are 1000 Blue Motes and an icon, emote, and skin pose.

You can check out all the rewards below.

Bewitching Vex's Bingo - Start And End Time

The Bewitching Vex's Bingo event kicked off at 12 am UTC on October 27 and runs for 14 days, finishing up on November 9 at 11:59 pm UTC.

The bingo cards must be completed in order. However, they are also only available after a certain point throughout the event. Here are the times each bingo card goes live and their rewards

Bingo Board - Rewards

Board 1 - October 27 / 12 am UTC

  • Line Reward: 50 Blue Motes
  • Board Reward: Tricks 'n' Treats! icon

Board 2 - October 29 / 12 am UTC

  • Line Reward: 50 Blue Motes
  • Board Reward: Spellbound emote

Board 3 - October 31 / 12 am UTC

  • Line Reward: 50 Blue Motes
  • Board Reward: 800 Blue Motes

Board 4 - November 2 / 12 am UTC

  • Line Reward: 50 Blue Motes
  • Board Reward: Vex pose / Bewitching skin pose

For more information on the Bewitching Vex's Bingo event, including all the missions, check out the official event page.

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