Wild Rift Devs Tease Arrival Of Zeri, Nilah, And Fiddlesticks, Among Others

A teaser-filled champions roadmap has been released for Wild Rift, hinting at some of the champions coming to the game this year and beyond.

Zeri 2
Zeri will likely join Wild Rift in 2023. | © Riot Games

The next champions to come to League of Legends: Wild Rift have been teased in a reference-laden blog post from the development team.

In what is likely a roadmap for the next year of champion additions, references were made to Fiddlesticks, Nilah, Ornn, Swain, Twitch, Zeri, and Zoe, all champions from League of Legends but who have yet to appear in Wild Rift.

The tweet publicizing the dev blog also featured a picture with the outlines of what appears to be Aatrox, Kayn, and Lillia.

The blog post, which was penned by champion designer Mike "RogueFool" Breese, is written in the style of a warrior writing home of his adventures and is littered with references to League of Legends characters and their abilities.

For example, there is mention of a "starry-eyed trickster," which many have suggested points to Zoe and her star-bending abilities.

RogueFool writes of "crows spying on us," surely a reference to Fiddlesticks, a boy who was fed to the crows and came back a demon.

And there's a mention of "sparks of joy," a possible reference to Zeri, The Spark of Zaun.

The suggestion is that the characters referenced will debut in Wild Rift throughout 2023.

The Next Three Champions Coming To Wild Rift

But before we get to 2023, there is still a couple of months left of this year, and it looks like champions Kayn, Aatrox, and Lillia will make their Wild Rift debuts before it's over.

Those are the three champions that appear in the teaser image, and a telling passage within the blog post refers to them in the context of plans for "the remainder of this year's expedition."

RogueFool writes:

Our journey takes us through the home of one massive Darkin, and another man fighting to keep control, while many are excited for the challenge, some are not so bold and instead look to bring a touch of magic to the jungle.

Aatrox is a Darkin, and Kayn has a Darkin companion called Rhasst. Meanwhile, Lillia is a magic-dealing jungler. If they were to be included this year, it would likely be with update 3.5, due for release in November.

Kayn TFT
Is Kayn coming to Wild Rift? | © Riot Games

In what is unlikely to be a coincidence, the LoL card game, Legends of Runeterra added Kayn to the roster of champions as part of the recently released The Darkin Saga - Awakening expansion. Riot also teased the addition of Aatrox to the card game during the reveal of Varus in The Darkin Saga - Domination expansion.

Whatever the truth of it, it looks like there is plenty to come from Wild Rift, which is quickly establishing itself as the best MOBA experience on the market - whether that is on PC, mobile, or any other platform.