Wild Rift Support Champion Tier List: Patch 3.5

Supports are the backbone of any good team composition in Wild Rift. So which supports are currently the best picks in patch 3.5? Let's find out.

Wild Rift patch 3.5 Support Champion Tier List ranking guide Riot Games
We've ranked all the support champions in Wild Rift for the patch 3.5 meta. | © Riot Games

Supports are arguably the most underrated champions in Wild Rift. They possess the ability to sustain your team during battle, complement your team's abilities, and even initiate battles. You could argue that a good support is better than any good carry - but let's not start any debates.

We're going to go over the current roster of support champions in Wild Rift and see how viable they are as picks in the current meta after the recent patch 3.5 update.

Support Tier List - Wild Rift Patch 3.5

Wild Rift support champion tier list ranking guide patch 3.5 Riot Games
Here's an overview of our rankings. | © Riot Games

There are currently 24 support champions in Wild Rift, and we'll be ranking them all. Granted, each have their own unique sets of abilities, builds, and ideal team compositions that will make them shine. Unfortunately, ideal situations in Wild Rift are rare, so you've got to pick the best support champion that will fit into any team composition or battle.

We give you a definitive ranking of all the support champions in Wild Rift. S-tier symbolizes the very best that you can currently pick from. As you descend the tier list, these champions become less viable as support picks. F-tier champions are the absolute worst that you can pick in the current patch 3.5 meta.

So without further ado, let's dive a little deeper into the tier list.

S-Tier Patch 3.5 Support Champions

Wild Rift Support Champion Tier List Ranking Thresh Guides Riot Games
Thresh is the best support champion in Wild Rift right now. | © Riot Games

Thresh, Nami, Soraka, and Karma are currently the best support picks in Wild Rift. They're versatile, can offer both offensive and defensive capabilities, and are difficult to counter in ranked matches.

Here's a look at their win and pick rates in patch 3.5:

ChampionWin Rate

Pick Rate




Thresh has maintained his deserved high-ranking spot. He's a powerful support with superior crowd-control abilities and the ability to fit well into most team compositions.

Nami and Soraka are some of the most powerful support picks in the current meta. Their ability to lane and heal allies make them the perfect choice for a support champion. They're also both enchanter supports who have greatly benefited from Riot's rework of items and enchants in patch 3.4 and the new additions in patch 3.5.

Leona climbs that rankings as she's an all-around superstar with her tank and crowd control abilities. She's also a functional champion that's great at any stage of the game.

A-Tier Patch 3.5 Support Champions

Wild Rift patch 3.5 Support Champion Tier List Ranking Guide Braum Riot Games
Braum is one huge champion you don't wanna come against in battle. | © Riot Games

Nautilus, Karma, Seraphine, Braum, and Senna are A-tier support champions.

They are powerful and can carry games just like their S-tier counterparts. However, these champions are slightly weaker in comparison.

Here are their win and pick rates in patch 3.5:

ChampionWin Rate

Pick Rate




Nautilus has maintained his strong support position after being buffed in patch 3.4a. This update saw an increase in his capabilities as a strong crowd control support.

Seraphine saw her mana regeneration get insanely buffed in patch 3.5. This will allow her to quickly dish out her abilities and spells. We anticipate her to have a strong showing in this patch

Karma and Braum are easily some of the most reliable supports in the game at the moment. Their ability to protect teammates means that they're a great pick to survive those messy team fights.

Senna earned herself an upgrade in patch 3.5 with a buff for both her Last Embrace and Curse of the Black Mist abilities. This means she can better support ADCs from behind by dealing massive damage.

B-Tier Patch 3.5 Support Champions

Wild Rift patch 3.5 Support Champion Tier List Ranking Guide Lulu Riot Games
Lulu is a solid pick for support. | © Riot Games

Lulu, Sett, Morgana, Alistar, Ashe, Pyke, and Lux are B-tier support champions.

They're strong in their own right but fall into the category of average supports. They are subject to variance in terms of team compositions for each game, but given the right situation, you could be looking at a super-powerful champion.

Here are their win and pick rates in patch 3.5:

ChampionWin Rate

Pick Rate




Lulu is an impressive enchanter support who's amazing at shielding and healing. She's a strong and reliable mid-tier pick with the potential for a higher ranking if she keeps this up.

Sett's more of a top-laner but his build can be tailored to be a reasonable and reliable support.

Morgana and Pyke are two champions who'll benefit greatly from the new items in patch 3.5.

Alistar has proved to be somewhat challenging to master in Wild Rift - hence his rather low pick rate - but he is still a viable option.

Ashe has great crowd control and her carry potential makes her a versatile champion. However, she can be countered somewhat easily.

Lux saw a big rescaling adjustment to her abilities in patch 3.5 that will leave her rocky for the upcoming weeks. But we expect her to be a solid pick once players get used to her changes

C-Tier Patch 3.5 Support Champions

Wild Rift patch 3.5 Support Champion Tier List Ranking Guide Shen Riot Games
Shen is a C-tier support champion at the moment. | © Riot Games

Shen, Nasus, Yuumi, Blitzcrank, Sona, and Galio are C-tier support champions. They perform below average but are decent as situational picks.

Here are their win and pick rates in patch 3.5:

ChampionWin RatePick Rate

Shen received a minor buff to his Twilight Assault ability in patch 3.5 but he still remains rather weak. This goes the same for Sona and Shen who aren't the most popular supports due to their limited abilities.

Yuumi is stuck in limbo if we're being honest. She's been constantly nerfed, buffed, and even reworked. Yuumi remains a popular pick but it's hard to tell if she's a successful support due to her fluctuating abilities.

Blitzcrank is a tanky support champion who can be a great initiator of team fights. But other than that, he remains weak in being able to support teammates due to his limited abilities.

Galio is more suited to the mid-lane, but like Sett, can be adapted to a support role. However, he isn't as strong in this position.

F-Tier Patch 3.5 Support Champions

Wild Rift patch 3.5 Support Champion Tier List Rakan Guide Champions Riot Games
Rakan sits at the bottom of our tier list. | © Riot Games

Rakan and Janna are F-tier support in Wild Rift. That means they are the worst champions you can pick at the moment for this role.

Here are their win and pick rates in patch 3.5:


Win Rate

Pick Rate



Rakan was already a somewhat weak support. The recent adjustment of his Gleaming Quill ability in patch 3.5 doesn't convince us to change our minds.

Janna is an average support, but she isn't exactly what the meta needs at the moment.

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