Wild Rift Patch 4.2 Balance Changes: Buffs, Nerfs, Adjustments & Reworks

Here's a complete overview of all the buffs, nerfs, adjustments, and reworks that were introduced to Wild Rift in the patch 4.2 balance changes.

Wild Rift Patch4 2 Balance Changes
Patch 4.2 brings several massive balance changes to Wild Rift. | © Riot Games

Patch 4.2 has finally landed in Wild Rift. We'll be treated with various new skins, three new champions (Ornn, Swain, and Volibear), and the beginning of the highly-competitive Ranked Season 10.

To gear up the game for this novel era in Wild Rift, Riot has introduced an exhaustive list of buffs, nerfs, adjustments, and reworks that targetted both champions and items.

Given that patch 4.2 will work on improving the Marksmen champion role, the balance changes will focus heavily on accommodating the new items by making adjustments to the current item roster. Unfortunately, this means that champions have taken a backseat in this update.

But enough chatter, we'll go over every one of the balance changes below.

Wild Rift Patch 4.2 Balance Changes - Buffs, Nerfs, Reworks & Adjustments


Renektonpatch4 2
Renekton received a much-needed buff. | © Riot Games

Renekton was the only champion buffed.

Here are the details:

  • Ruthless Predator [NEW]: Under the effect of Red Fury, clear all shields on the target.


Infinity Edge and Rapid Firecannon were nerfed.

Here are the details:


Infinity Edge
  • Crit damage increased from 200% to 230% → Crit damage increased from 175% to 205%
Rapid Firecannon
  • Increased attack range of energized attack decreased from 150 → 125
  • Increased attack range of melee attack remains 50 (unchanged)


Essence Reaver Patch4 2
Essence Reaver may see a surge in usage after these adjustments. | © Riot Games

Essence Reaver, Nashor's Tooth, Noonquiver, and Stormrazor were adjusted. All champions received a minor adjustment. Champion movement speed was increased by 10 and the crit damage rate was decreased to 175% (from 200%).

Here are the details:


Essence Reaver

  • Total cost: 3,050 gold
  • Attack Damage: 40
  • Critical rate: 25%
  • Ability haste: 20
  • Essence Flare: After attacking a champion, enhance your next damaging ability or empowered attack up to 30% based on critical strike rate, with a 6-second cooldown. Reduces the cooldown on champion hits with Basic Attacks by 1 second
  • Mana Siphon: Basic attacks restore 3% of missing mana
Nashor's Tooth
  • Total cost: 3,000 gold (includes new component 'Nashor's Talon')
  • Attack speed: 45%
  • Ability haste: 20
  • Magic Fang: Gain 30 Attack Damage or 60 Ability Power (Adaptive)
  • Gnaw: When the basic attack hits the enemy champion, it will cause 15+25% bonus attack power + 25% bonus magic damage
  • Total cost: 1,200 gold
  • Attack Damage: 25
  • Attack speed: 10%


  • Build Path changed to Noonquiver (1,200 gold) + Long Sword (500 gold) + Brawler’s Gloves (500 gold) + 900 gold


Olaf Patch4 2
Olaf received a major rework in patch 4.2. | © Riot Games

Olaf, Muramana, and Phantom Dancer were reworked.

Here are the details:



  • Initial attack speed decreased from 20% → 10%
  • Berserker Rage [NEW]: Gain up to 60% - 100% (based on level) attack speed and 10% - 25% (based on level) physical vamp based on missing health, maxing out at 70% missing health.
  • Vicious Strikes cooldown rescaled from 16 seconds → 15/14/13/12 seconds
  • Vicious Strikes bonus attack speed decreased from 50/65/85/90% → 35/50/65/80%
  • Vicious Strikes attack speed time decreased from 6 seconds → 4 seconds
  • Vicious Strikes no longer gain physical vamp and healing boost
  • Vicious Strikes gains shield 30/60/90/120 + 17.5% of lost health, max effect at 70% of lost health
  • Vicious Strikes shield time set at 2.5 seconds
  • Reckless Swing damage factor to wild monsters increased from 50% → 80%
  • Ragnarok passive double resistance increase decreased from 20/30/40 → 10/20/30
  • Ragnarok active attack boost decreased from 30/40/50 + 30% Attack Damage → 10/20/30 + 25% Attack Damage
  • Ragnarok duration decreased from 6 seconds → 3 seconds
  • Ragnarok [NEW]: Releasing 3 skills and basic attacks on enemy champions can extend the duration to 2.5 seconds
  • Ragnarok passive dual resistance is no longer removed when the active effect is released
  • Awe [NEW passive]: Increases attack power by 1.5% of maximum mana and refunds 15% of total mana spent
  • Shock [NEW passive]: When basic attacks hit an enemy champion, it will consume 2.5% of their current mana and cause additional physical damage equal to the amount consumed. When dealing skill damage to an enemy champion, consume 4% of current mana and cause additional physical damage of consumption +6% AD. This effect will only trigger when the remaining mana is above 20%. A single skill can only be triggered once for the same champion
Phantom Dancer
  • Total cost: 2,900 gold
  • Attack Damage: 25
  • Critical rate: 25%
  • Attack speed: 30%
  • Shadowwalk [NEW passive]: +5% Movement Speed
  • Spectral Waltz [NEW passive]: Gain 7% extra movement speed when you basic attack for 3 seconds. After attacking 4 times, gain an additional 30% attack speed for the same duration

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