Wild Rift Wild Pass Season 13: Start/End Date, Rewards, And Cost

Here's everything we know about Wild Pass Season 13 in Wild Rift, from the Start/End date, rewards, and its cost.

Soda Pop Ahri
Here's an overview of Wild Pass Season 13 in Wild Rift. | © Riot Games

Patch 4.2 will be launching in Wild Rift in late May and we couldn't be more excited about it. From the introduction of three champions, to Marksmen role changes, and novel skins, you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to new content.

Besides these game-changing additions, we'll also be getting Season 13 of the Wild Pass. For the uninitiated, the Wild Pass is a reward track that allows you to unlock rewards as you progress through the game. There are emotes, avatars, player banners, and champion skins to unlock.

If you're looking to learn more about the new Wild Pass, here's a look at the release date, rewards, and everything else in between.

Wild Rift Wild Pass Season 13 - Start And End Date

Wild Rift Season13 Wild Pass
Wild Pass Season 13 will begin in Wild Rift soon. | © Riot Games

Wild Pass Season 13 will start on May 26 at 00:01 UTC. It comes swiftly after patch 4.2 is released in Wild Rift. Wild Pass Season 13 will end on July 24 when patch 4.3 is launched.

You can purchase this season's Wild Pass for 590 Wild Cores (or USD $6.50). Besides this, you have the option of purchasing the Elite version of the Wild Pass for 990 Wild Cores (or USD $10.50).

Wild Rift Wild Pass Season 13 - What's In The Elite Wild Pass?

The Elite pass rewards you with everything available in the premium pass, instantly unlocks the first five tiers of rewards, and gives you an extra 20% Wild Pass XP.

Wild Pass new random skin chest
You can choose when getting your free skin in the Elite Wild Pass. | © Riot Games

Besides this, you will also get a free random skin chest at level 1 - but there's a bonus. Instead of it being completely random, players will be able to select the role, with the skin being for a champion within that role.

That's not all, you will also get new seasonal missions. This would go a long way in unlocking Wild Pass Emporium items.

Wild Pass Season 13 - Rewards

Food Spirits Ahri Model
The Soda Pop Ahri skin. | © Riot Games

As usual, Wild Pass Season 13 has over 50 levels of rewards in both the free and premium tracks. The Wild Pass Emporium offers a further 17 levels.

Rewards will be given for each level you unlock. You can get the Soda Pop Ahri skin as a reward when you complete Wild Pass Season 13.

Wild Rift Wild Pass Season 13 - Wild Pass Emporium

Ascended Food Spirits Ahri
The Ascended Soda Pop Ahri skin. | © Riot Games

The Wild Pass Emporium is a Wild Pass-exclusive store where you can get custom rewards.

For every 100 points of Wild Pass XP you get after passing level 50, you'll also earn 10 Wild Stars. These Wild Stars can be exchanged for items in the Wild Pass Emporium. But, be sure to spend them before they disappear at the end of the season.

You can get the Ascended Soda Pop Ahri skin in the Wild Pass Emporium.

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