Wild Rift Jungler Champion Tier List: Patch 3.5

Jungling is a unique role in Wild Rift due to its challenging nature. To help you, we've ranked all the Jungle champions after the recent patch 3.5 update.

Wild Rift patch 3.5 Jungle Champion Tier List ranking guide Riot Games
Here's a ranking of all the jungle champions in Wild Rift for patch 3.5. | © Riot Games

Jungling is a unique role that plays very differently from other roles as it doesn't restrict champions to a single lane. It allows them to roam freely, stack up kills against monsters, and collect gold and experience to create a strong build for the late game.

In patch 3.5, Riot revamped the jungling system to make it easier for anyone to take on the role by removing unnecessary complexities while maintaining its "high depth and high impact."

Two new features were added. The first is a buff-sharing mechanic that allows you to share blue and red buffs. The second is a jungler-specific 'Conservation' buff that allows you to cash in its stacks for gold by killing a large monster.

Other than that, two adjustments were introduced. Smite was reworked in a way that changes how you can upgrade it to be based on the number of times it has been used. Both base and upgraded Smite will deal a fixed amount of damage to monsters. Additionally, the Red Smite was removed from Wild Rift.

The stats and behaviors of monsters were also adjusted to allow for faster clear times and survivability during those early stages.

Taking all of those changes into consideration, we've ranked the Jungle champions for the patch 3.5 meta.

Jungle Tier List - Wild Rift Patch 3.5

Wild Rift patch 3.5 Jungle champion tier list ranking guide overview Riot Games
Here's an overview of our jungle champion rankings for Wild Rift patch 3.5. | © Riot Games

There are currently 30 different jungle champions in Wild Rift. This is a brief snapshot of our jungle tier list for patch 3.5 in Wild Rift. S-tier indicates the very best champions to jungle with at the moment. As you descend the list, these champions become less viable as picks for your team composition.

Understand that jungling is, as we mentioned earlier, a unique role due to its challenging nature. Champions are only one component that decides how well you perform in any game. It also depends on your skills as a player. This is probably a long-winded way of telling you to take our rankings with a grain of salt.

That being said, let's dive into the nitty gritty of our tier list.

S-Tier Patch 3.5 Jungle Champions

Wild Rift patch 3.5 Jungle Champion Tier List Ranking Lee Sin Guide Riot Games
Lee Sin is one of the most dominant junglers in Wild Rift at the moment. | © Riot Games

Wukong, Lee Sin, Olaf, Kha'Zix, Morgana, and Rammus are currently the best jungler picks in Wild Rift. Their wide range of abilities, inherent durability, and stats allow them to solo clear camps and hold their own as powerful jungle champions.

Here's a look at their respective win and pick rates in patch 3.5:

ChampionWin RatePick Rate
Lee Sin49.74%19.33%


Wukong, Lee Sin, Olaf, and Kha'Zix are some of the easiest and most reliable AD champions you can pick to jungle with. They're also incredibly mobile and quick. This allows them to easily clear camp, roam the battlefield, and take on any straying champions.

Morgana and Rammus are equally powerful options. Though they are less preferred than the previous champions, they possess the same strengths that allow them to dominate the game - and that shows in their high win rates.

A-Tier Patch 3.5 Jungle Champions

Wild Rift patch 3.5 Jungle Champion Tier List ranking Nunu & Willump Guide Riot Games
Nunu & Willump are performing quite well in patch 3.5. | © Riot Games

Nunu & Willump, Irelia, Gwen, Pantheon, Vi, Kayn, Fiora, Tryndarmere, and Master Yi are A-tier jungle champions. They're above-average picks who can carry their own when jungling due to their quality abilities. These champions are great alternatives for S-tier junglers.

Here's a look at their respective win and pick rates in patch 3.5:

ChampionWin RatePick Rate
Nunu & Willump54.73%2.39%
Master Yi51.49%17.24%

Irelia, Vi, and Fiora are arguably some of the better picks in A-tier. They're solid champions who can alternate between jungling and ganking well - especially at the top lane.

Nunu & Willump is a great AP tank jungler who's a strong early-game ganker and specialist in team fighting.

Gwen is primarily suited toward the Baron lane. However, she has earned her stripes as a jungler due to her powerful late-game AP and assassin-like abilities.

Kayn makes a solid entrance to the game after his arrival in patch 3.5. He may be on shaky ground (due to his low win rate), but we believe he has the potential to climb the list once players master his dynamic assassin-like abilities.

Pantheon, Tryndamere, and Master Yi are all solid fighter junglers that allow them to gank reasonably well.

B-Tier Patch 3.5 Jungle Champions

Wild Rift patch 3.5 Jungle Champion Tier List Ranking Guide Warwick Riot Games
Warwick is a decently powerful jungler in Wild Rift. | © Riot Games

Warwick, Shyvana, Evelynn, Diana, Graves, Riven, Ekko, Jarvan IV, and Nautilus are B-tier jungle champions. They're average in the grand scheme of things, however, they can exceed expectations if you have the skills to take them to the next level.

Here's a look at their respective win and pick rates in patch 3.5:

ChampionWin RatePick Rate
Jarvan IV47.46%5.37%

Warwick, Diana, and Graves are prime picks in this tier. They're all powerful jungle-focused champions who can ramp up well in the early game if you like those jumpstart advantages.

Shyvana is actually quite a decent jungler. However, she is rather weak in the early game as she doesn't have the best damage or mobility. This can result in it being difficult to build a solid lead.

Evelynn and Ekko are AP junglers who can easily assassinate opponents. But they have low HP compared to other jungler. This doesn't allow them to hold that well in camp clearing or team fights.

Nautilus is more suited towards being a Support champion however his strong crowd control support means that he can tame camps well.

Like Nautilus, Riven is suited toward another lane - that being the top lane. Regardless, she is a strong laner who possesses good mobility that can be translated to the jungle.

Jarvan IV is arguably the most average jungler champion. He's decent at all stages of the game, has good clearing abilities, and can clear camps well.

C-Tier Patch 3.5 Jungle Champions

Wild Rift patch 3.5 Jungle Champion Tier List Ranking Guide Xin Zhao Riot Games
Xin Zhao has some work to do if he's going to climb our tier list. | © Riot Games

Rengar, Xin Zhao, Camille, Jax, and Gargas are C-tier jungle champions. They perform below average and require skill and a strong team composition to boost their abilities as a jungler.

Here's a look at their respective win and pick rates in patch 3.5:

ChampionWin RatePick Rate
Xin Zhao46.56%4.97%



Rengar and Xin Zhao are super strong in the early game but can fail in the late game. That's simply not what you want to see in a jungler.

Jax and Camille are more suited toward the top lane, but they can be adjusted to be junglers. However, they're super weak in the early game, so the durability you expect from a champion in this role is rather lost on them.

Gargas is like a chameleon in Wild Rift. He can adapt his build path and abilities to the role required in the game. He's a strong mid-laner and solo champion, but he's also capable of being a jungler. However, he's rather weak in this role.

F-Tier Patch 3.5 Jungle Champions

Wild Rift patch 3.5 Jungle Champion Tier List Ranking Guide Amumu Riot Games
Amumu is lonely at the bottom... | © Riot Games

Amumu is the only F-tier jungle champion. This means that he's the weakest pick in the meta at the moment.

Here's a look at his win and pick rates in patch 3.5:

ChampionWin RatePick Rate

Amumu is a tanky champion who excels in team fights and the supporting role, but he's a super weak jungler. He's weak in the early game and isn't great at building up that advantage necessary to have a strong build in the late game.

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