Wild Rift Arcade Promotion: All Rewards And Drop Chances

We'll show you all the Arcade skins, rewards, and drop chances you can expect to get in Wild Rift's Arcade Promotion event.

Arcade Ezreal
You can get cosmetics in the Arcade Promotion event in Wild Rift. | © Riot Games

Wild Rift will be hosting a special event to celebrate the arrival of the new Arcade skins. We saw a preview of these skins in an earlier update. They include new and old cosmetics for champions we know and love, such as Corki, Kai'Sa, and Miss Fortune.

The Arcade Promotion event will begin once patch 4.1c is released on May 11. Besides skins, you can also earn other items such as Skin Borders, Emotes, Recalls, and Poses. You'll also be able to get Vouchers which you can redeem for rewards.

We'll show you everything you need to know about this event.

Wild Rift Arcade Promotion - All Rewards And Drop Chances

Wild Rift Veigar
Final Boss Veigar is one of the skins you can get in this event. | © Riot Games

During the event, you can buy chests for 400 Wild Cores. Each chest comes with a chance of dropping a specific reward.

Here's a look at all the rewards and their respective drop chances:

RewardDrop Chance
5 Vouchers87.19%
10 Vouchers


Arcade Ezreal2%
Battle Boss Brand2%
Final Boss Veigar2%
30 Vouchers


Final Boss Veigar Mythic


60 Vouchers0.10%
100 Vouchers0.01%

Wild Rift Arcade Promotion - Voucher Rewards

Arcade Sona
Arcade Sona has returned in this special Wild Rift event. | © Riot Games

As we mentioned earlier, you can earn Vouchers from chests. These vouchers can be redeemed for specific rewards.

Here's a look at how many Vouchers you'll need to get each reward:


Vouchers Needed

Final Boss Veigar15
Arcade Ahri12
Arcade Corki12
Arcade Ezreal12
Arcade Kai'Sa12
Arcade Miss Fortune12
Arcade Riven12
Arcade Sona12
Battle Boss Blitzcrank12
Battle Boss Brand12
Battle Boss Yasuo12
Battle Boss Ziggs12
Arcade Recall


Arcade Brand Skin Border5
Arcade Ezreal Skin Border5
Arcade Mythic Veigar Skin Border5
Arcade Brand Emote3
Arcade Ezreal Emote3
Arcade Veigar Emote3
Arcade Icon3
Arcade Brand Pose3
Arcade Ezreal Pose3

Arcade Veigar Pose


70 Poro Coins


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