R6 Mobile Devs Confirm Game Is Still In Development After 'Sunsetting' Fears

The fears were unfounded. Rainbow Six Mobile's development continues.

Rainbow Six Mobile banner 4
The developers have confirmed that work on Rainbow Six Mobile continues. | © Ubisoft

The team behind Rainbow Six Mobile has confirmed the game is still in development after fears rose in the community it would be the latest mobile title to be canceled.

The fears arose after Electronic Arts ended development on Apex Legends Mobile and Battlefield Mobile, and Ubisoft, the publisher behind the Rainbow Six franchise, announced that several unannounced projects had been canceled after lower-than-expected sales throughout 2022.

The lack of posts on Rainbow Six Mobile's social media accounts - there hadn't been any communication since December 20 of last year - was used as further evidence that not all was well with development.

However, those fears appear to of been miss laid. In a post on the game's Twitter page on February 6, the developers confirmed that work continues on Rainbow Six Mobile.

"We know you've been wondering where we've been, & we wanted to check in and say hi! Our devs around the world continue to work hard on #R6M," read the tweet. "We appreciate your messages & patience[.] Once we're ready, the drones will be back with intel to share."

The wider mobile gaming community warmly welcomed the news. Roast Smith, a mobile content creator for Luminosity, summed up many's responses when he thanked the developers for the progress update.

Rainbow Six Mobile has had a number of closed beta tests (CBTs) in select regions but is currently unavailable to play. Hopefully, news of its continued development will be followed with details of when the game will be released to a wider audience.

This might also be good news for other Ubisoft mobile titles, with at least two other established franchises expected to arrive on iOS and Android devices.

Another Tom Clancy game, The Division, is going mobile with The Division Resurgence. The action shooter RPG, a faithful reimagining of the two mainline games, has conducted two CBTs to date.

The Division Resurgence 2
The Division Resurgence | © Ubisoft

There is also a mobile version of Assassin's Creed in the works. Currently known as Project Jade, it takes the AC franchise to Qin-dynasty China, where players will be able to parkour over the Great Wall of China. There has been one limited playtest in China.

Ubisoft has not confirmed these titles are still in development.

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