Earth Revival Codes (February 2023): Get Free Rewards

Earth: Revival redeem codes can get you free rewards. Here are all the active codes and how you can use them. (Updated: February 2023)

Earth revival active redeem codes February 2023
Use these Earth: Revival redeem codes to nab some free rewards in the CBT. | © Nuverse

Nuverse's Earth: Revival has quickly become one of the most highly anticipated PC/mobile games of the year, and players are finally going to see what all the fuss is about with the launch of the latest closed beta test (CBT), available to players in the US, Canada, UK, and Germany.

With the big-money backing of Bytedance, creators of TikTok and Nuverse's parent company, the ambitious sci-fi MMORPG has a bit of something for everyone with PvE raids, team-based tournaments, and a battle royale mode.

With a vast open world in which you can explore and gather resources and a large arsenal of weapons, armor, vehicles to drive, and even mechanized pets to collect, there is plenty for players to see and do.

Earth revival codes February 2023
Bows are just one of the classes of weapons available in Earth: Revival. | © Nuverse

All of this exploring and resource gathering can prove time-consuming, and that is why using some Earth: Revival redeem codes can help you get a leg up, offering up free rewards simply by redeeming them in the game.

Earth: Revival Codes - How To Claim

Claiming rewards in Earth: Revival is done from within the game; however, you can't do it straight away.

You will have to get through the opening tutorial, and then once you reach your cabin, complete the next couple of missions until you are asked to teleport to Sundale Haven.

Sundale Haven earth revival February 2023
You will need to make it to Sundale Haven before you can use redeem codes. | © Nuverse

Once you have teleported to Sundale Haven, you will see that the UI gets much busier; it is at this point you can use Earth: Revival redeem codes.

To do so, follow these instructions:

  1. In the top-right of the screen, click on the icon that looks like a calendar with a star in it (the Events tab).
  2. On the left-hand side of the screen, click 'Recommended'
  3. On the 'Gift Exchange' tab, you will see an input box.
  4. Type or copy and paste one of the redeem codes below.
  5. Click 'Redeem'
  6. You will receive a message saying if the gift code was a success. You can check what the gift is from the 'mail' tab, found in the 'social' menu.
  7. However, to receive the reward in your inventory, you will need to collect it from a physical mailbox in the world. There is one at your cabin and also at most towns and outposts in the game.
Earth: Revival codes January 2023
You are looking for the 'Gift Exchange' tab to use Earth: Revival codes. | © Nuverse

Earth: Revival (February 2023) - Active Codes

There are currently two active Earth: Revival redeem codes; they are:

  • RevivalCBTfb
  • RevivalCBTdc

How To Get More Earth: Revival Redeem Codes

The developers release Earth: Revival codes via the game's official social channels, with their Discord channel and Facebook page the most fruitful.

If you can't be bothered with that, this page will act as a hub for Earth: Revival codes; once released, this page will be updated with the latest codes. So, bookmark this page and make sure you don't miss any chance of getting some free rewards.

Earth: Revival - Inactive Codes

There are currently no inactive Earth: Revival codes.

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