Project Winter Mobile Codes (October 2022): Free Survival Coins, Military Supply Box, More

Use these redeem codes for Project Winter Mobile to get free Survival Coins and Military Supply Boxes.

Project Winter Mobile redeem codes
Use these Project Winter Mobile redeem codes to get free in-game items. | © Boltrend Games

Project Winter Mobile has been released on Android and iOS, offering up the same wintry social deception experience that has previously been available on PC and consoles.

Project Winter Mobile is a standalone title, and while it shares a lot of similarities to the mainline game, it has some key differences; one being the ability to use redeem codes to get free in-game items like Survival Coins and Military Supply Boxes which can help you earn some free in-game cosmetics.

Project Winter Mobile - How To Claim

Redeeming codes in Project Winter Mobile is easy and is done from within the game. Simply follow these instructions to redeem your Project Winter Mobile codes:

  1. Launch Project Winter Mobile on your chosen device.
  2. From the main menu, click on the 'menu' button found at the top right of the screen.
  3. From the sidebar, click on 'Redemption Code'.
  4. Enter the Project Winter Mobile code, and click 'OK'.
  5. If the code is successful, you will get a message saying your reward is in your in-game mailbox.
  6. Head to your mailbox (found in the same sidebar menu) and claim your reward.
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Claim your rewards from your in-game mailbox. | © Boltrend Games

Note: Redeem codes can only be used once.

Project Winter Mobile (October 2022) - Active Codes

Currently, there are no Project Winter Mobile redeem codes.

Project Winter Mobile - Inactive Codes

There are currently no inactive Project Winter Mobile codes.

  • PocketGamer - Survival Coin (2000), Military Supply Box (1)

Where To Get More Project Winter Mobile Codes

While there aren't many Project Winter Mobile codes at the moment, the developers have made clear with this launch code that there is likely more to come.

To get the latest redeem codes, the best thing you can do is follow Project Winter Mobile's official social accounts and joining the game's Discord channel.

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