Peroxide Shikai Tier List (2023): Best To Worst Shikai, Ranked

This guide ranks all Shikai available in Roblox Peroxide under different tiers while discussing the best to worst Shikai in the game.

Peroxide 2
Here's a tier list for Shikai in Roblox Peroxide. | © Peroxide

Inspired by the Bleach anime and manga series, Peroxide features a multitude of abilities that you can obtain and use in the game, adding a ton of variety when it comes to individual builds.

There are different paths and progression lines in the game that you can go through to obtain unique movesets, abilities, traits, and such things.

Among many, we have the Shikai moves in Peroxide that mostly revolve around using different elemental abilities.

Depending on the rarity, some of the Shikai moves in the game are easy to obtain, while some are harder and take a lot of resources and grinding.

To ensure you are working your way to get the right Shikai ability in Peroxide, we are here with a Shikai tier list that ranks all Shikai moves in Peroxide.

We also talk about the best and worst Shikai moves in Peroxide. So keep reading!

Update: We updated the guide with the latest details on September 25, 2023.

Roblox Peroxide Shikai Tier List

Below, you can find the Shikai tier list for Roblox Peroxide. | © Peroxide

Here is the Shikai moves tier list for Roblox Peroxide:

S Tier

The Shikai moves in the S tier are hard to obtain and feature movesets that are highly useful in battle.

  • Glacier
  • Lightning

A Tier

The Shikai moves in the A tier are harder to obtain than common moves but are easier to get than the legendary ones.

That said, the Shikai moves in the tier are tremendous and offer unique move sets around which you can build your character.

  • Gravity
  • Fire
  • Clone

B Tier

The Shikai moves in the B tier are easy to obtain, though we don't recommend them as they can get you through the early game.

But in the late and end game, your character will not be that powerful, and tackling some of the content will become much more challenging.

  • Explosion
  • Wind

If the game gets any new Shikai, we will check it out and add it to the proper tier.

Update: We checked for new Shikai on September 5, 2023.

Best Shikai In Roblox Peroxide

Featured Peroxide Shikai
There are two Shikai in the game that contend for the best place. | © Peroxide

The best Shikai in Peroxide is Lightning and Glacier, as the chance of obtaining them is a meager 2%, and they offer movesets that are highly useful in farming mobs and dealing with bosses.

Worst Shikai In Roblox Peroxide

Roblox Peroxide
Explosion and Wind are two of the worst Shikai in Roblox Peroxide. | © Peroxide

While we call it the worst, compared to other Shikai moves, the common rarity ones like Wind and Explosion are not that useful during the late game in Peroxide.

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