Wild Rift Patch 3.3: Item And Enchantment Changes

Patch 3.3 has seen sweeping changes to gameplay, ranked mode, and champions in Wild Rift. But it has also introduced significant updates to items - specifically Enchants. Let's go over the details!

Items League of Legends: Wild Rift Riot Games Patch 3.3
Items are getting a change in patch 3.3 of Wild Rift! | © Riot Games

Items are the backbone of any champion build in Wild Rift. In patch 3.3, Riot are taking these items a little more seriously than in the past as they've prepared a slew of updates and new Enchantments that will be coming when the patch drops on July 13, 2022!

We've already covered the new champions and the permanent addition of the Elemental Rift game mode in Wild Rift, so let's go over the new item and Enchantment changes in patch 3.3!

Enchantments Changes

Zhonyas Enchant is the people's choice for Enchantments as it provides champions with a brief period of invulnerability and target immunity. It is the prime pick for tanks and junglers. However, Riot will be looking to change that trend in Wild Rift with patch 3.3 as Game Designer Nick Frijia tweeted:

What sort of "skill expression" or dynamic Enchants can we expect from the Enchantment updates? Well, let's go over the active item swapping and Enchantment updates!

Active Item Swapping

Boot Enchantments Wild Rift League of Legends Riot Games Patch 3.3
Boots are getting an active swap-out ability in patch 3.3! | © Riot Games

There will be more flexibility with boot Enchantments going forward in League of Legends: Wild Rift. Active item swapping will be introduced to the game whereby players can use the shop to change to a different active without selling their boots.

This will certainly be beneficial, but it is not without its drawbacks. Active item swapping will add additional costs so keep that in mind if you're a carry. This new addition will also put your active on a short cooldown in between swaps.


Several changes are being introduced to Enchantments in patch 3.3. We're seeing new Enchants in the form of the Repulsor and Magnetron Enchant. Moreover, updates to Quicksilver, Gargoyle, and Shadows Enchants will be added with the patch. Here we go!

Repulsor Enchant

Repulsor Enchant League of Legends Wild Rift Patch 3.3 Riot Games
Repulsor Enchant is a new enchantment that will knock back nearby enemies! | © Riot Games

Repulsor Enchant will be introduced in patch 3.3 as boots that will knock back enemies in a small area around your champion. It's the perfect item for champions like Marksmen or Supports who get ambushed by Assassins or Fighters.

Besides the obvious defensive component to it, the Repulsor Enchant can be a good pick for tanky initiators like Malphite or Wukong who like to ambush groups of enemies and want to split them up with a quick knockback.

Again, Game Designer Nick Frijia stated that the Repulsor Enchant was specifically introduced to compete with Stasis as well as to introduce an Enchant that had versatility in different situations.

Magnetron Enchant

Magnetron Enchant Enchantments Wild Rift League of Legends Riot Games Patch 3.3
The Magnetron Enchant will allow Champions to dash forward! | © Riot Games

Magnetron Enchant will make champions dash through an ally and taunt a nearby enemy. Supports will love this Enchantment because it will allow them to create more space for their lane partner to move freely - especially in 1v1 situations.

Admittedly, the Magnetron Enchant is rather skill-intensive and appeals to tank supports due to its ability. However, it's more than that as it actively offers protection to a single target (perfect for defending Assassins or Mages) while peeling away a single enemy from potentially slaying an ally.

Quicksilver Enchant

Quicksilver Enchant Enchantments League of Legends Wild Rift Riot Games Patch 3.3
Quicksilver Enchant will be receiving a slight update! | © Riot Games

Patch 3.3 will see an update coming for the Quicksilver Enchant. It will briefly grant champions immunity to disablers when activated as well as Tenacity and Slow Resistance.

This change was introduced to enable easier usage as well as increase the overall value of Quicksilver Enchant as there is a longer immunity window.

Gargoyle Enchant

Gargoyle Enchant Enchantments League of Legends: Wild Rift Riot Games Patch 3.3
Gargoyle Enchant will also be getting a rework in Patch 3.3! | © Riot Games

Replacing the previous iteration that saw it boost a champion's maximum HP, Gargoyle Enchant will now give a shield that will decay over time. It will last longer if there are three or more enemies nearby.

Riot believes this version of Gargoyle Enchant will boost the overall presence of the Enchantment in the game due to the dynamic quality it brings.

Shadows Enchant

Shadows Enchant League of Legends Wild Rift Patch 3.3 Riot Games
Shadows Enchant will be removed from Wild Rift in the next patch! | © Riot Games

After the introduction of the new Enchantments and changes to the current Enchants, Shadows Enchant will, unfortunately, be removed from Wild Rift in patch 3.3.

Riot believed Shadows Enchant consistently had low player satisfaction as an upgrade that lead to it being rarely purchased from the Store.

That's all we have for the Enchantment updates in patch 3.3 in Wild Rift. Catch up with other aspects of the patch below: