Wild Rift Wild Pass Season 7: Release Date, Rewards, Emporium, More

The Wild Pass Emporium is just one of the major changes coming to Wild Pass Season 7. To learn more, including the release date, check out our guide.

Wild Rift Wild Pass 2
Learn everything you need to know about the Season 7 Wild Pass. | © Riot Games

League of Legends: Wild Rift is gearing up for a big patch, with v3.2 Power Spike '22 introducing new champions, a revamped Ranked mode, and new additions to the Wild Pass.

The Wild Pass is the game's version of a battle pass, and in Season 7, it is set for two major changes.

The first is the introduction of the Wild Pass Emporium, effectively an item shop that takes the place of tiers 50 to 75 of previous Wild Passes, allowing players to choose which items they want, paying with Wild Stars. The second is a reworking of the Wild Pass's challenges, with new daily missions and challenge missions giving players more options when it comes to leveling up through the tiers.

The primer detail everything if you want to know more, including the Wild Pass Season 7 release date.

Wild Rift Wild Pass Season 7 - Start And End Date

Wild Pass Season 7 will be launched on the same date as Wild Rift 3.4 will be released, which has been confirmed to be dropping on Thursday, September 15.

Season 7 of the Wild Pass will run for 64 days, ending on Thursday, November 17.

There is both a free and premium track, each offering 50 tiers of rewards. Wild Pass Premium costs 590 Wild Cores (approx. $6 USD), giving you access to the premium track of rewards.

The Elite version is available for 990 Wild Cores (approx. $10 USD). The Elite pass gives you everything in the standard premium pass, instantly unlocks five tiers of rewards, and gives you an extra 20% Wild Pass XP.

Those that purchase the Elite pass will also get a free Random Skin Chest at level 1, but instead of it being completely random, players will be able to select the role.

Wild Pass new random skin chest
A "Random" Skin Chest is available to Elite pass holders. | © Riot Games

Starting with Season 7, Elite pass holders will also get access to new seasonal missions, making unlocking Wild Pass Emporium items easier.

Wild Pass Emporium

The Wild Pass Emporium is a new mechanic arriving with Season 7 of the Wild Pass. Gone are the bonus reward tiers of old, and in their place is an in-game store where players can purchase cosmetics with Wild Stars.

When players unlock tier 50, instead of continuing up through the tiers, players will accumulate Wild Pass XP. For every 100 Wild Pass XP players earn, they can get 100 Wild Stars, which can be traded for items in the Wild Pass Emporium.

Wild Pass emporium 4
The Wild Pass Emporium takes the place of the bonus tiers. | © Riot Games

Players will only be able to buy each item once, with items ranging between 1 and 240 Wild Stars. These rewards can be claimed in any order you like.

Wild Pass Season 7 - Rewards

Wild Pass Season 7 has over 50 tiers of reward in both the free and premium tracks, making for 100 in all. Then there is the Wild Pass Emporium, offering up a further 17.

A few of the more notable premium rewards include:

  • Crest of Justice (Icon Border) - tier 5
  • Skin Pose Selection Chest - tier 10
  • Unyielding Justice (Rift Emblem) - tier 15
  • Shocked (Emote) - tier 20
  • Super-Pops! (Bauble) - tier 25
  • Skin Pose Selection Chest - tier 30
  • Vision of Heroes (Profile Border) - tier 35
  • Heroic (Icon Border) - tier 40
  • Flying High (Custom Recall) - tier 45
  • Superhero Jayce (Champion Skin) - tier 50
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Superhero Jayce is the tier 50 reward for Wild Pass Season 7. | © Riot Games

All rewards in the Wild Pass Emporium are limited to one purchase except the Poro Energy, which can be purchased as often as you like.

The Wild Rift Emporium has the following rewards:

  • Poro Energy (5) - 1 Wild Star
  • Masked Justice (Icon Border) - 25 Wild Stars
  • Hextech Man Jayce (Icon Border) - 25 Wild Stars
  • To The Hextechmobile! (Bauble) - 30 Wild Stars
  • Peace Signs Up (Emote) - 30 Wild Stars
  • Hexwings (Bauble) - 30 Wild Stars
  • Bitter Nightshade (Rift Emblem) - 35 Wild Stars
  • Confident (Champion Pose) - 35 Wild Stars
  • Hero's Glory (Rift Emblem) - 35 Wild Stars
  • Heroic Ascension - (Icon Border) - 35 Wild Stars
  • Ascended Superhero Jayce Border (Skin Border) - 35 Wild Stars
  • Vision of Justice (Profile Border) - 35 Wild Stars
  • Heroic (Champion Pose) - 40 Wild Stars
  • Skin Pose Selection Chest - 40 Wild Stars
  • The Bird Signal (Homeguard Trail) - 135 Wild Stars
  • Ascended Superhero Jayce (Champion Skin) - 240 Wild Stars
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Ascendant Superhero Jayce is the headline cosmetic in Wild Pass Season 7. | © Riot Games

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