Gwen, Yone, Warwick, And Vex Announced As New Wild Rift Champions

Gwen, Yone, Warwick, and Vex are four new Wild Rift champions that will come in patch 3.4. Let's take a look at them and their abilities!

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Gwen, Yone, Warwick, and Vex are the four new champions that will join Wild Rift in patch 3.4! | © Riot Games

Patch 3.4, Power Spike, is the new patch that will be coming to Wild Rift on September 15, 2022. In it, Riot has announced a list of brand new changes that affect items & enchants, introduces new skins, adds a new season 7 Wild Pass, and introduces a new Wild Pass Emporium shop.

However, one thing that every Wild Rift player is excited about is the new champions. Riot mentioned in their patch 3.4 preview that four new champions will be coming to the game once that patch is made live: Gwen, Yone, Warwick, and Vex.

Let's go over all of them and their respective abilities.

New Wild Rift Champion - Gwen

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Gwen will be one of the first champions joining Wild Rift! | © Riot Games

Gwen is a new champion that will be coming to Wild Rift in patch 3.4. She's a successful top-laner in League of Legends and will hope to carry on her reputation in Wild Rift. She's a dangerous champion who relies on quick attacks and bursts of damage from her abilities. Gwen also possesses a powerful ability that allows her to make her untargetable.

Here's an in-depth look at Gwen's abilities in Wild Rift:

  • A Thousand Cuts (Passive): Empowers Gwen's attacks to deal bonus damage based on the target's maximum health. Gwen will heal for part of the bonus damage against champions.
  • Snip Snip (First ability): When Gwen attacks, apply up to four stacks of Snippy. Activate this ability to snip her scissors (in rapid succession) and use up your stacks, cutting an extra time for each one consumed. The center of each snip deals true damage and applies A Thousand Cuts to enemies hit.
  • Hallowed Mist (Second ability): Summon the Hallowed Mist around Gwen to make her untargetable to all enemies outside the zone. While in the mist, Gwen will gain bonus armor and magic resistance. Gwen can recast this ability once to call the mist to her (if she moves away from the mist). It will automatically recast the first time she attempts to leave the zone
  • Skip n' Slash (Third ability): Gwen will dash forward and gain attack speed, attack range, and deal bonus damage for a few seconds. Her first attack will refund part of Skip n' Slash's cooldown.
  • Needlework (Ultimate): Cast Gwen's Ultimate to hurl a needle that deals damage in a line, slowing enemies for a few seconds and applying A Thousand Cuts. After casting Needlework, Gwen can recast up to two more times. Fire three more needles on your second cast and five more on your third cast for a burst of damage.

Gwen will be available in Wild Rift on September 5, 2022.

New Wild Rift Champion - Yone

Yone New Wild Rift
Yone the Unforgotten will be joining Wild Rift as the second champion in patch 3.4! | © Riot Games

Yone is a new champion that will be joining Wild Rift in patch 3.4. He will most likely be a good top and mid-lane champion pick in the game as his assassin-like abilities allow him to swiftly deal incredible amounts of damage. React quickly if you're up against Yone in a 1v1 because if you don't, it could very well be the end for you.

Here's an in-depth look at Yone's abilities in Wild Rift:

  • Way of the Hunter (Passive): Makes every other attack from Yone deal an extra, scaling amount of physical and magical damage.
  • Mortal Steel (First ability): Yone will deal physical damage in a straight line. Landing this damage will grant him a stack of Gathering Storm which is tracked on the ability icon. At two stacks, Yone will dash in the target direction and unleash a whirlwind that deals the same damage. Enemies hit by a dash or whirlwind are knocked up.
  • Spirit Cleave (Second ability): Yone will slash in an arc. Yone will also get a shield based on how many enemies are hit by the slash - which is increased if he hits a champion.
  • Soul Unbound (Third ability): Yone will dash forward in spirit form, leaving his body behind to gain movement speed and mark champions that he damages. When Soul Unbound ends, Yone will snap back to his body, detonating the marks left on champions for true damage based on how much he dealt while it was active. You can recast at any time to end the ability early.
  • Fate Sealed (Ultimate): Yone will slash all enemies in his path and blink behind the last champion hit. He will pull enemies to the center of the line and briefly knock them up.

Yone will be available in Wild Rift on September 22, 2022.

New Wild Rift Champion - Vex

Vex Wild Rift
The Gloomist Vex will join Wild Rift in patch 3.4! | © Riot Games

Vex is a new champion that will be joining Wild Rift in patch 3.4. She stands to be a good mid-lane or support pick. Flanked by her companion, Shadow, Vex is a "combo-loaded Yordle of doom, gloom, and sarcasm" that will certainly be a handful for those who can't effectively counter her.

Here's an in-depth look at Vex's abilities in Wild Rift:

  • Doom n' Gloom (Passive): This is a two-part passive. The first part, Doom, is a meter that fills over time and when it is maxed out, Vex's next basic ability will interrupt dashes and fear all enemies hit. The second part, Gloom, marks nearby enemy champions who dash or blink within range of her with a Gloom mark. The mark can be consumed by Vex's basic attacks, first and second abilities to deal damage and refund some of Doom's cooldown.
  • Mistral Bolt (First ability): Vex will launch a wave that deals magic damage and detonates any Gloom marks. After a short delay, the wave accelerates but decreases in width.
  • Personal Space (Second ability): Vex will gain a shield that absorbs damage for a few seconds and damages nearby enemies while also detonating Gloom marks.
  • Looming Darkness (Third ability): Vex sends her companion, Shadow, to a target location to deal magic damage, slow enemies, and mark enemies with Gloom upon Shadow's arrival. Shadow will increase in size the farther it travels
  • Shadow Surge (Ultimate): Vex will send Shadow flying forward (marking the first enemy champion hit and dealing magic damage). Recast the Ultimate again, and Shadow will pull Vex to the marked target to deal damage. If an enemy dies shortly after being damaged by Shadow Surge, it can be recast for no cost within 12 seconds.

Vex will be available in Wild Rift on October 10, 2022.

New Wild Rift Champion - Warwick

Warwick Wild Rift
The jungle is calling and Warwick will answer in Wild Rift patch 3.4! | © Riot Games

Warwick is a new champion that will come to Wild Rift in patch 3.4. His history in League of Legends would suggest that he will potentially be a successful Jungler in Wild Rift. Warwick's abilities only seem to confirm this as they allow him to rapidly make his way across the map, easily track down enemy champions, and deliver scathing blows to anyone who goes against him.

Here's an in-depth look at Warwick's abilities in Wild Rift:

  • Eternal Hunger (Passive): Deals scaling magic damage per hit and heals Warwick for a portion if he's low on health.
  • Jaws of the Beast (First ability): Warwick will lunge at an enemy to deal a percentage of their max health as magic damage. You can hold down on the ability to charge it. Release it to lunge behind an enemy, follow their movement, and deal damage.
  • Blood Hunt (Second ability): Passively, Blood Hunt will mark low-health enemy champions and grant Warwick with bonus movement speed if he moves towards them as well as bonus attack speed when attacking them. Activate Blood hunt to mark the nearest enemy champion and highlight the shorted path towards them
  • Primal Howl (Third ability): Cast this ability once to gain damage reduction. Recast this ability again to fear and slow nearby enemies.
  • Infinite Duress (Ultimate): Skillshot where Warwick will leap forward to collide with an enemy and interrupt their movement. During the Ultimate's short channel period, the enemy is suppressed and revealed, and Warwick will deal a large amount of magic damage to them. He will also be healed for a percentage of the damage dealt. Infinite Duress can be ended by hard crowd control like knock-ups, polymorphs, and stuns.

Warwick will be available in Wild Rift on November 11, 2022.

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