Wild Rift's Samira Has Game Breaking Bug, Devs "Working On It"

Released as part of the Weapons of Noxus event, it turns out Samira is even more powerful than her abilities suggest.

Samira Wild Rift
Samira arrived to the Wild Rift a little more powerful than she ought to be. | © Riot Games

Samira and Sion are the two newest champions added to League of Legends: Wild Rift, making their debut with the Weapons of Noxus event. But there inclusion hasn't been plain sailing as it has emerged that Samira is bugged, with an exploit allowing the Desert Rose to use her ultimate continuously.

The exploit isn't easy to recreate but has the potential to be game-breaking in the wrong hands.

In a video posted to the Wild Rift subreddit, you can see Samira maintain a permanent S grade combo when revived user her Guardian Angel item.

Samira bug: when you get revived by garden angle, while having S grade your ult will be always on from wildrift

The S grade combo is a prerequisite for her ultimate, and so when using this bug she essentially has permeant access to her ultimate.

That ultimate, Inferno Trigger, and the passive from her S grade combo (21% movement increase), make her way more powerful than she should be but thankfully the developers are aware of the issue and are working on a fix.

Wild Rift Devs Know Of Samira Bug And Are Working On A Fix

Taking to Twitter on September 27, Champion Product Lead, Maddy Wojdak, revealed that the developers are aware of the issue with Samira's Guardian Angel ability and are actively working on a fix.

Wild Rift patch 3.3c is scheduled for release on Wednesday (August 31), and it's likely that a fix will appear in that patch, if not before then.

Until then its advisable that players refrain from actively attempting the Samira exploit as it could result in you getting a ban.

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