Wild Rift Wild Pass Season 6: Missions, Rewards, Cost, End Date, More

Season 6 of the Wild Rift Wild Pass introduces over 100 tiers of rewards, including the Stargazer Karma skin. Here is everything you need to know, including the start and end date, all the missions, rewards, and more.

Stargazer Karma is Wild Pass Season 6's ultimate reward. | © Riot Games

League of Legends: Wild Rift patch 3.3 is now out, introducing a raft of new features to the game. There is the Elemental Rift, changes to Enchantments, plenty of champion balance changes, and the huge Star Guardian event, which isn't just taking place in Wild Rift but across a number of other Riot Games titles.

And then there is the brand new Wild Pass, Wild Rift's version of the battle pass system that we have all come to know as one of the best ways to earn rewards in any game. With a free and premium track, there is something for everyone, and Season 6's Wild Pass is stacked full of great rewards with Poro Coins, Blue Motes, Banners, Frames, and, at its highest tier, the Stargazer Karma skin.

Keep reading if you want to learn more, including its release and end date, the rewards, and how much it will set you back.

Wild Rift Wild Pass Season 6 - Start And End Date

With the release of Wild Rift patch 3.3 on July 14, Wild Rift Season 6 began with a brand new Wild Pass for players to grind. The Wild Pass will run for 62 days and end on Thursday, September 14.

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Wild Pass Season 6 will end on September 14. | © Riot Games

There is both a free and premium track for the Season 6 Wild Pass, with over 50 tiers of rewards to earn if you choose to purchase the Premium Wild Pass.

How Much Does The Season 6 Wild Rift Wild Pass Cost?

Players have two options when purchasing the Wild Pass: the Premium Wild Pass and the Wild Pass Elite, with the former opening up the premium track, alongside extra seasonal missions, while the latter gives you a 20% XP boost and an instant unlock of the next five tiers of the pass.

The Premium Wild Pass will set you back 590 Wild Cores ($6 / £6), while the Wild Pass Elite will cost 990 Wild Cores ($9 / £9).

Wild Rift Wild Pass Season 6 - Missions

The Wild Pass offers up both weekly and seasonal missions, and both offer up Wild Pass XP, making unlocking the tiers easier.

Weekly missions change each week, and players can have three sets of weekly missions queued up at any one time, while seasonal missions stay throughout the life of the Wild Pass.

The week 1 missions for Season 6 of the Wild Pass are:

  • Play 5 matches (50 XP)
  • Play 5 matches with a mid-lane champion (50 XP)
  • Play 10 matches (50 XP)
  • Get 4 double kills (50 XP)
  • Get 1 triple kill (60 XP)
  • Win 4 matches with a jungle champion (60 XP)
  • Destroy 60 turrets with your team (50 XP)
  • Kill 150 minions or monsters (50 XP)
  • Deal 20,000 damage to enemy champions in a single match (60 XP)
  • Destry a turret with your team in the first 10 minutes of a match 1 time (50 XP)

The week 2 missions are:

  • Destroy 4 enemy wards(s) (50 XP)
  • Deal 5,000 damage to turrets (50 XP)
  • Destroy 2 turret(s) in a single match (60 XP)
  • Play 5 matches with a Duo lane Champion (50 XP)
  • Play 10 matches(es) (50 XP)
  • Earn 125,000 gold (50 XP)
  • Win 7 match(es) (60 XP)
  • Place 400 wards with your team (50 XP)
  • Kill the Rift Herald with your team in the first 10 minutes of a match 1 time(s) (50 XP)

The week 3 missions will be unlocked on July 25. We will update this page throughout the life of the Wild Pass with the new weekly missions.

Wild Pass Season 6 Seasonal Challenges

  • Win 10 matches (60 XP)
  • Kill 30 drakes or dragons with your team (60 XP)
  • Place or destroy 100 wards (60 XP)
  • Complete 15 Wild Pass missions (60 XP)
  • Get 400 kills or assists (60 XP)
  • Deal damage, block damage with your shield or heal for 500,000 points total (60 XP)
  • Earn 250,000 gold (60 XP)
  • Destroy 75 turrets with your team (60 XP)
  • Use spells 150 times (60 XP)
  • Kill 1,000 minions or monsters (60 XP)

Wild Rift Wild Pass Season 6 - Rewards

There are well over 100 rewards to earn in Wild Pass Season 6, including Blue Motes, icon borders, Poro Coins, Skin Pose Collection Chests, and much more.

Here is a selection of both the free and premium track rewards:

  • Tier 5: Blue Mote Boost Bundle - Heroic Landing icon border
  • Tier 10: Team Boost Bundle - Skin Pose Selection Chest
  • Tier 15: Champion Pose Selection Chest - Earthly Blessings rift emblem
  • Tier 20: Blue Mote Boost Bundle - Prepared To Pounce emote
  • Tier 25: Ninja Dash icon border - Guardian bauble
  • Tier 30: Team Boost Bundle - Skin Pose Selection Chest
  • Tier 35: Shield Up bauble - Winds Of Fate profile border
  • Tier 40: Topsy Turvy emote - Windchaser icon border
  • Tier 45: Poro Coins - Take Flight custom recall
  • Tier 50: Champion Pose Selection Chest - Stargazer Karma
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Stargazer Karma is the tier 50 reward in the Season 6 Wild Pass. | © Riot Games

After unlocking the 50 tiers, there are another 25 bonus tiers which end with the Enchanting pose for Karma.