Best Weapons In Apex Legends Mobile

Learn what the best guns in Apex Legends Mobile with our handy guide.

Apex legends Best weapons
Don't settle for anything else with the best Apex Legends Mobile weapons. | © Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Mobile recently entered its second season, introducing the latest Legend, Rhapsody, the Kings Canyon map, and a host of weapon balance changes.

One of the first things players will look to learn is the best weapons in Apex Legends Mobile, and while those that have played Apex Legends before will have a good idea of what guns to go for, there is definitely a new meta for Apex Legends Mobile.

So, if you want to rank up fast and compete with the best, you too will need to know the best guns in Apex Legends Mobile, and this guide will help you do exactly that.

Apex Legends Mobile - Best Weapons

Apex Legends Mobile has seven weapon classes they are pistols, shotguns, submachine guns (SMGs), assault rifles (ARs), light machine guns (LMGs), marksman rifles, and snipers.

You can run two primary guns in Apex Legends Mobile, and you will want to consider what both are to get the most out of your chosen weapons. For example, a sniper matched with an SMG is a classic pairing, giving you range with the sniper and the potential to close the gap and melt with the SMG.

As well as the best weapon in each category, we also offer up its ideal companion.

Apex Legends Mobile - Best AR (R-301 Carbine)

We are starting with the ARs and one of the standout weapons of the game. The R-301 Carbine has quickly established itself in the Apex Legends Mobile meta and even though it got a minor nerf with the global release, it still absolutely smacks.

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The R-301 Carbine is the best gun in Apex Legends Mobile. | © Respawn Entertainment

With a high rate of fire, impressive range, and more than manageable recoil, the R-301 Carbine is the definition of a 'laser.' With the ability to work in short, medium, or long-range, the R-301 Carbine is versatile and powerful, and you will find it in the hands of many players.

Depending on your playstyle, you will want to opt for an SMG or sniper, with the difference being whether you prefer to keep people at range or get up and finish them off. With the R-301 capable of working at close range, we suggest a sniper such as the potential one-shot kill Kraber.

Apex Legends Mobile - Best SMG (Prowler Burst PDW)

Another gun you will find plenty of is the Prowler Burst PDW. One of the fastest rates of fire in the game and with decent damage output and very little kickback, the Prowler Burst PDW is in a class of its own.

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The Prowler SMG can melt opponents in seconds. | © Respawn Entertainment

An easy gun to use; duck and dive, get up close, unload your clip, and watch them fall to the ground.And once upgraded, it becomes something truly scary.

Best paired with something heavier, and with that being the criteria, we have opted for the R-301 Carbine.

Apex Legends Mobile - Best LMG (Spitfire)

We could have opted for the Devotion LMG, which packs a serious punch, but the Spitfire LMG pips it, and that is even with the recent weapon balance changes.

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The Spitfire is an absolute monster in Apex Legends Mobile. | © Respawn Entertainment

Removed from care packages and now coming fully kitted, the Spitfire is still the most powerful LMG in the game. And while its reload speed took a bit of a hit, it still does enough to take the top spot.

Best paired with an SMG, and in that case, we suggest the Prowler.

Apex Legends Mobile - Best Shotgun (EVA-8 Auto)

The best shotgun in Apex Legends Mobile is undoubtedly the EVA-8 Auto. The only full-auto shotgun, the EVA-8 can drop an opponent in seconds.

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The EVA-8 is the best shotgun in Apex Legends Mobile. | © Respawn Entertainment

Its high damage output and ingenious bullet pattern (its bullet spread is in the shape of an '8') make it highly likely you will nail a headshot.

Pair it with an AR, like the R-301 Carbine, and you will have all the tools for any engagement.

Apex Legends Mobile - Best Marksman Rifle (G7 Scout)

When it comes to the best marksman rifle in Apex Legends Mobile, there is only one contender, the G7 Scout.

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The G7 Scout is the best marksman rifle in Apex Legends Mobile. | © Respawn Entertainment

Helped by the strong aim assist present in Apex Legends Mobile, the G7 Scout is highly accurate, delivers incredible damage, and can put down a large volley of fire on an unsuspecting opponent.

Pair it with the R-301 Carbine or Prowler, and you will never be left wanting.

Apex Legends Mobile - Best Sniper (Kraber)

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The Kraber is Apex Legends Mobile's one true one-shot kill weapon. | © Respawn Entertainment

If you prefer to take opponents out at range, there is really only one choice: the Kraber.

The Kraber is capable of downing opponents with one shot and has the highest damage output of any gun in the game. There are downsides, though, with the rate of fire conversely being the lowest, so you will need to land your shots.

To counteract that, we suggest pairing with an AR; the R-301 Carbine or R-99 will both get you out of trouble if you miss your opening shots.

Apex Legends Mobile - Best Pistol (Wingman)

The best pistol in Apex Legends Mobile is easy, with the powerful Wingman offering up the requisite damage to make it a worthwhile addition to any loadout.

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The wingman is the best pistol in Apex Legends Mobile. | © Respawn Entertainment

The Wingman is a heavy-hitting pistol that works wonders when paired with the Skull Piercer attachment.

Pair this with an SMG or AR. Wesuggest the R-301 Carbine, which will allow you to mop up after taking an opening salvo with the Wingman.

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