'Overpowered' Buster Has Been Nerfed In Brawl Stars

After terrorizing brawlers with his overpowered abilities, Supercell has decided to bring down the hammer nerf on Buster.

Buster Nerf Banner
Buster received some major nerfs in Brawl Stars. | © Supercell

Buster is the Chromatic brawler introduced to Brawl Stars in the Ghost Station season. As a tank brawler, his high HP and shield abilities saw him demolish the competition. Pair that up with the bonus damage, damage reduction, and healing perks that he can get with his Gadgets and Star Powers, and you've got an unstoppable force of nature.

All this makes him powerful - so powerful to the point that he is the best brawler in Brawl Stars at the moment. Some players described him as Frank in disguise without his negative delay but with the bonus of Rosa's shield.

Unfortunately, that meant that he wasn't a fun brawler to face in both casual and ranked games. Supercell caught wind of this and immediately took him to nerf town.

Buster Has Been Significantly Nerfed

Buster Nerfs Details
Buster was in Supercell's sights after being a menace to players. | © Supercell

Supercell was out to curb the power output and HP of Buster. They did so in a series of reductions that weren't too kind to him.

Here are Buster's nerfs in detail:

  • HP reduced from 5,600 → 5,000
  • Basic damage reduced from 1,700 → 1,580
  • Super now needs more basic attacks, depending on range, to fully charge it.
  • Utility Belt Gadget healing reduced from 1,000 → 500.

We saw a drastic cutback in Buster's abilities - some to the effect of slashing his stats by half. This was a deserved and huge nerf, to be sure, but it doesn't completely incapacitate him. Buster will still be strong because of his weapon's range and robust Gadgets, and Star Powers.

As far as players are concerned, he will continue to dominate the meta, albeit in a less menacing way.

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