Latest Rework Balances Gears And Makes Them Easier To Get In Brawl Stars

Supercell will introduce another complete reworking of Gears to make them more obtainable and balanced in Brawl Stars.

Gears Rework Nov
Supercell is reworking Gears in Brawl Stars again... | © Supercell

The time has come for Gears to get yet another rework. Gears have been in an unstable situation since it was first introduced to Brawl Stars in late 2021. One year later, Supercell has had to introduce change after change to help balance its effects in the game. From stat reductions, the overhauling of Gear buffs, and the most recent reduction of Gear costs, the devs and players are hoping that this rework will finally stabilize Gears.

But from what we know, this will be a game changer as existing Gears for all Brawl Stars players will be reset. We'll be saying goodbye to the Gear crafting system and Gear levels that we've grown used to. In its place are changes that arguably make Gears more obtainable and balanced. That being said, let's dive into all the details about this Gears rework.

Gears Will Be Easier To Get In New Rework

Obtaining Gears Brawl Stars
In the rework, you must buy Gears with Coins instead of crafting them. | © Supercell

Scraps and Gear Tokens will be completely removed from Brawl Stars in this Gear rework. Once it arrives, every single Scrap and Gear Token you've collected will be refunded to you as Coins.

There will be sweeping changes to how you can obtain a Gear. Gear crafting will be removed, so now you will need to buy Gears with Coins. Simply go to the brawler of your choice, tap the Gear that you want to equip, and purchase it.

The very first Gear you choose to equip will still remain free.

Gear Rarities Will Also Be Introduced

Gear Rarities
Gears will now have rarities: Super Rare, Epic, and Mythic. | © Supercell

Gear Levels will also be removed, so Gears will already be at maximum power when you purchase them. In its place, Gears will be classed in one of three different rarities: Super Rare, Epic, or Mythic.

With these rarities, some Gears can only be equipped by certain brawlers. This is a breakdown of the Gear rarities.

  • Super Rare Gears: Available for all brawlers
  • Epic Gears: Available for some brawlers
  • Mythic Gears: Available for one brawler.

You can find out which brawler can equip which Gear in our Gear guide. That being said, each rarity will cost a different amount of Coins. Super Rare Gears will cost 1,000 Coins, Epic Gears will cost 1,500 Coins, and Mythic Gears will cost 2,000 Coins.

Besides this, the update will introduce four new Gears to Brawl Stars: Thicc Head, Talk to the Hand, Super Charge, and Reload Speed.

In light of this rework, certain things about Gears will remain the same. You will still be able to equip all your Gears as usual, with two Gears only being able to be attached to a single brawler. If you want the same Gear for another brawler, you will have to purchase it for them. All brawlers still unlock their first Gear slot at Power Level 10 and their second Gear slot at Power Level 11.

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