Brawl Stars October Balance Changes: Buffs And Nerfs

The next update in Brawl Stars brings in balance changes that buff and nerf a variety of different brawlers. Here are all the balance changes in detail.

Brawl Stars Oct Balance Changes
Here are all the balance changes that will come to Brawl Stars in October 2022. | © Supercell

Brawl Stars is celebrating the spooky season by introducing a new game update: Ghost Station. It's a massive update that will add a new brawler, Buster, and give Gears a long-awaited rework. On top of all that, we'll be getting special Halloween-themed skins and a slew of other in-game features.

But we know you're here for one thing: the new balance changes for October. So let's dive in and see which brawlers were buffed or nerfed.

Brawl Stars October Balance Changes - Buffs

Gus Buff Brawl Stars
Gus got buffed like crazy! | © Supercell

Four brawlers were buffed in the October balance changes: Barley, Eve, Gus, and Meg.

Here are all the brawler buffs:

  • Damage increased from 700 → 760
  • Damage increased from 370 → 400
  • Healing amount now scales with Power Level. Healing scaled from 1,000 → 800 - 1,200
  • Shield amount now scales with Power Level. Shield scaled from 3,600 → 2,600 - 3,900
  • Super projectile speed increased from 3,200 → 3,600
  • Kooky Popper Gadget damage reduced from 1,800 → 1,400
  • Soul Switcher HP cost reduced from 30% → 15%
  • Super can now go through walls
  • Base HP increased from 2,200 → 2,300

Brawl Stars October Balancer Changes - Nerfs

Sam Brawl Stars Nerf
Sam won't be as good after his nerf in the October balance changes. | © Supercell

Four brawlers were nerfed in the October balance changes: Bea, Poco, Sam, and Stu.

Here are all the brawler nerfs:

  • HP decay added to Honey Molasses Gadget
  • Base damage decreased from 800 → 760
  • Hearty Recovery missing health gained decreased from 30% → 20%
  • HP decay added to Speed Zone Gadget

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