SK Gaming Win $15,000 Brawl Stars Chaos Cup

The Chaos Cup pitted the eight best international Brawl Stars teams against one another in a turbulent tournament where the matchups and challenges were controlled by the audience. What could possibly go wrong?

Brawl Stars Chaos Cup 2022
Brawl Stars Chaos Cup 2022 was chaotic! | © Supercell

The Chaos Cup event organized by Supercell took place at the same event as the Mid Season Invitational at DreamHack Sweden on June 19. It features eight of the best teams in the world that are also participating in MSI and ESL's Snapdragon Mobile Open. The grand prize? A whopping $15,000!

You get the gist of it. Now, let's go over the format, teams, and the final results!


The Chaos Cup was a single-elimination bracket where the winner of each matchup was decided by a best of 3 games. Eight teams are competing so it starts with quarter-final matchups before the last two teams faced off in the grand finals.

But why is it called the Chaos Cup? Well, it's because the audience is in charge and can decide the bracket matchups and make the players do challenges during the games, including switching devices between teammates or performing jumping jacks every time a fellow Brawler dies.


The Teams participating in Chaos Cup 2022
All the Teams participating in Chaos Cup 2022! | © ESL

Some of the biggest names in Brawl Stars competitive history from all over the world were participating in the Chaos Cup. Here are the names:

  • AC Milan QLASH
  • Free Win Agents
  • SK Gaming
  • STMN Esports
  • Team Queso
  • Tribe Gaming EU
  • Tribe Gaming NA
  • Zeta Division One




Tribe Gaming NA vs Tribe Gaming EU



Free Win Agents vs STMN Esports2-1
Team Queso vs AC Milan Qlash1-2

The Quarter-Finals saw Tribe Gaming EU, SK Gaming, Free Win Agents and AC Milan Qlash win by slim margins over their opponents to proceed to the Semi-Finals.



Tribe Gaming EU vs SK Gaming1-2
Free Win Agents vs AC Milan Qlash1-2

So close, but oh so far! Unfortunately, Tribe Gaming EU and Free Win Agents were eliminated. SK Gaming and AC Milan Qlash proceeded to the finals!

And Your Winners Are...

SK Gaming! The German outfit defeated their Italian rivals, AC Milan Qlash, in a heated battle 2-1.

For all the drama and well, chaos, that happened over the single-day cup, it was A LOT of fun! Hopefully, we'll see a return of the Chaos Cup next year. If you didn't watch Chaos Cup 2022, catch the livestream here:

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